hello spring


It's easy to find the beauty in Spring.  This is absolutely my favorite time of year (with the exception of a crisp fall day with a gentle breeze in the air, or a beautiful chilly winter's day with the fireplace going and a hot cup of cocoa in my hand or maybe a perfect summer beach day...) well, you get the picture.

I love the gardens of Southern California the most in the early spring.  This is when we shine.

I have been decidedly lazy in the garden department this year and yet, the flowers are still amazing.  I haven't done more than weed a patch or two and the blooms are going strong.

My hubby and I are planning a trip to our local nursery tomorrow to pick up a few flowers to fill in the bare spots, so that means plenty of weeding and raking in my near future.  This is one household maintenance job that carries a big return.  Making room for the beauty of a lush, full garden will prove rewarding for months to come.  Seeing the happiness that the garden brings to my family and friends well into summer and fall encourages me to make time to prepare and nurture the soil now.

I love bringing my coffee outside for a morning garden stroll.  This sounds far grander than it really is.  We have an average size suburban backyard so strolling is more of a walk with attitude..There is something about the magic of the early hours that transforms it into a place to linger.

A sip, a sigh, a deep breath and a smile, then take a few steps and repeat.  The best de-stressing exercise I know of.  Try it sometime, this habit works remarkably well in any one's yard or on an early morning walk through the neighborhood.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and I'll talk to you on Monday.

xo, Patty


  1. Patty, Things are truly looking like spring around your area. Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. I agree with the walk around the yard in the morning, Patty. I do that in the later spring and all summer here. It's especially nice on an early weekend morning when most people are still sleeping or just being quiet in their houses and not rushing off to work. I enjoy the peacefulness of my tiny piece of kingdom here on earth.

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  4. You have some beautiful color going on! We are just seeing things beginning to pop out of the ground here. (Wisconsin). But every day brings new surprises.

  5. Your garden is just beautiful, what are those little white flowers? I am so anxious to get the garden going every year for that very same reason. Early morning coffee in the garden can't be beat, and I love the early sunshine and watching the little rabbits and deer and squirrels and birds foraging in the dewy green grass. I even see a fox on occasion!

  6. Your flowers are so pretty and you are so lucky to have spring arriving where you live! We have nothing here in central Oregon (by La Pine)... in fact nights are still in the 20's and had snow this morning! The sweet little yellow daffodil heads are still peaking up, even through the snow.... but our spring doesn't really start until May or so. I'm envious!


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