Styling floral and denim


Spring is definitely here in Southern California (not that we really had much of a winter) and I am so excited to start wearing pretty florals, brighter colors and lighter layers.  What about you?

Remember this inspiration photo?  When I posted it in February the thought of sandals seemed a bit far off but this week we have been hanging out in the low 80's, so I headed off to get a spring pedicure and broke out my summer shoes and that definitely includes sandals.

Aren't these adorable?  I found them at Kohl's last month and have been waiting for the chance to wear them.  They are Candies and super comfortable.

I paired them with this soft flowing floral blouse also from Kohl's.  It is by designer Lauren Conrad.  She has become one of my favorites mostly because she has such a pretty feminine style without being too cutesy.

The skinny jeans are from Loft and I wear them all the time.  I added silver jewelry with a bit of hesitation because the sandals have a gold accents.  It seems it's okay to mix gold and silver tones right now but old habits die hard.

I wore the same outfit to church on Sunday but paired it with tan booties and boot cut jeans.  I like this look as well.

Am I the only one who wears an outfit twice if I only wore it for a little while and in front of different people the first time?  I will do that most weeks as I come home from church and change into my lounging clothes for my day of rest.

Isn't it amazing what a difference just changing out you shoes and the cut of your jeans does to an outfit?  That certainly is one way to help stretch your wardrobe, don't you think?

xo, Patty

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  1. You look Springy and great! yes- I do the same thing when I change out of something I have had on for just a bit and then go somewhere different...I will wear the same thing secrets are coming out!!!! xo Diana

  2. Cute outfit and I love the shoes! I am gearing up to stat some spring shopping. The temps are going to hit the 50's today and I have the itch to freshen things up now that it is actually nice enough to leave the house. I usually wear things a couple days in a row too. I can't remember what anyone else wears from one day tot he next, I'm betting they can't remember what I wore too :)

  3. CUUUTE! I THINK spring might be in Ohio too. I've bought some floral-y prints, but haven't busted them out yet!

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  5. Your top is cute. You look like you got your hair cut different.
    Very becoming.

  6. Patty, You are as cute as a button. I love your blouse. I am not much for I do not wear them often. shoes that have a thong strap for between the toes....never, they are torture for me. I always say I will tell secrets I don't even know, if I had to wear them. LOL. But they are so cute on other ladies. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. Love the top and the sandals. You looks so great!

  8. I love that blouse and have seen similar ones in stores (sheer-ish, flowing) but my question is...what in the world do you wear underneath it so that everyone doesn't see your flesh and your bra?! A camisole? Thank you for any help!

  9. Often what I wear Saturday evening becomes my outfit for church on Sunday.
    I often wonder if anyone notices :).
    I love the scarf hem on your blouse - always a flattering look.

  10. Good Morning Patty, I discovered your blog a few days ago through my blogging friend, Connie. You have inspired me to get going and dress up a little. I have gotten into a rut, no jewelry or accessories, just pants and sweaters for work. I actually went to my jewelry box and pulled out some earrings to wear two days in a row. :) Looking forward to seeing how you pull things together. Loved the outfit you were wearing this day, very cute. Gloria


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