I went to my sister in laws last night for a girls night chat and drank a glass and a half of wine, ate lots of seven layer dip and had three cookie bars...I want to feel guilty about it but I don't.  In fact, I'm thinking about the cookie bar I brought home right now.

I found this fabric on line and I know I need to have it but I can't figure out where I would use it.  It's $20.00 a yard so I know I need to use it sparingly, somewhere where it will have impact.  I'm thinking about a couple of throw pillows for the sofa.

Does anyone else get confused between the keyboard on your laptop and the one on your smart phone?  I can be typing away and try double clicking on my computer keyboard and not understand why it's not adding the period for me or correcting my spelling.  Not that I like auto correct on my smart phone because sometimes it totally changes sentences for me in the most unflattering, embarrassing way. 

Just a quick update on my kitchen...I am making slow but steady progress and have cleared the water and soda overflow from the floor to the pantry.  I purchased some of those stacking racks for the shelves and now have double the space for cans and such in my little food cupboard.

I was so excited to hear your suggestions and realize that my ideas are not that far out there.  I can't wait to show you pictures of my progress and a more detailed account of my vision. Thank you for your well thought out comments and emails.  I hope to answer your questions in my next post.

Happy hump day all!

xo, Patty


  1. Patty,
    that fabric is so pretty. Perhaps you could use a bit of it in your kitchen re-vamp.
    Love the ideas that you have for your kitchen.

    I can relate with the problems that come from having a small kitchen. Our kitchen at the homestead was postage stamp sized, and I had to have a armoire in the sunroom to put pantry items in.
    I am loving having a large kitchen now, with plenty of space. My old habits of paring down have not been forgotten, however, and I still have empty cupboards in this kitchen! We've been here two months, and I've still not filled my cupboards. Living simply is just a way of life now **** smile***.

    Looking forward to seeing your simpler, more efficient kitchen re-do :)

    Smiles :)


  2. Would you mind telling me who the strawberry pitcher is by? I absolutely love it, as well as your blog. I am looking forward to seeing your kitchen re-do.

    1. Hi Phylis, I've had the strawberry pitcher and plate for several years. The sticker on the bottom says Andrea by Sadek. Hope that helps.

  3. Joann's has that same fabric...in fact I bought some for pillows myself...but I used a 50% coupon...you might want to check there is you didn't get it yet. Love your blog! Happy Wednesday!!

  4. Such cute fabric!!!! Do check JoAnn's. They also have an online website, too.

    LOVE your flowers!

  5. The fabric is lovely, Patty. Hope you get it and that the pillows come out great! Susan

  6. Yummy food and wine - sounds like a great girl's get-together to me. Beautiful fabric - I think it would make gorgeous pillows. I don't have a problem switching from my phone to my laptop, but typing on the laptop is definitely easier. I don't use auto-correct on my phone or my computer.

  7. I too have tried the double click space bar period on my lap top :) They should add that feature!


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