the Christmas tree


Winter has definitely arrived here in Southern California.  I woke up to near freezing temperatures and the sight of our neighbors having firewood delivered.  I love the crispness in the air, I think it just adds to the holiday spirit. 

We braved the cool temps last night and headed out to the Christmas tree lot for our fresh tree. It seems my hubby and I have the same "passionate discussion" every year.  He says he doesn't remember us getting a Noble fir last year and why can't we bring home a Douglas?  I say we always get a Noble because the ornaments hang better on them and then we start to discuss the price of a tree that will be set out to the curb in a couple of weeks.

In the end we ended up getting the Noble...we do every year.  And every year he says it's our prettiest tree ever.

I am starting to think our song and dance over the tree is as much a part of the tradition as buying the tree itself.  I am sure it is one of the things we will look fondly on when we are no longer able to get the tree ourselves.

Once we got all the lights on, I spent most of the evening placing a mixture of new and vintage balls on the limbs.  Last year I opted for only vintage ornaments but this year in my mood of more is more I picked out a few of my prettiest new ones as well.

Even though next year I am sure we will disagree on whether we get a Noble or a Douglas fir, I have to agree with hubby on one point, this is our prettiest tree ever.

Happy Monday all!

xo, Patty


  1. I like your idea of your song and dance and how you may look back on that one day with fond memories. My dh and I do a song and dance about the Christmas tree too. I see you like owls and hearts, so do I.

  2. Your tree looks so pretty! Winter has definitely arrived on Long Island. We had a dusting last night and expecting snow tomorrow. And man is it COLD!


  3. LOL- Your "discussions" sound a lot like ours-but you need to add raised voices on this end! Your tree is beautiful! Seriously beautiful!!! xo Diana

  4. Your tree y beautiful your discussions sound like ours well this happening for 27 year on our life at the end oh your Christmas tree is beautiful I LOL.
    Not winter in Miami to hot

  5. I love that red gingham ribbon wound through the branches and I see some vintage ornaments jsut like some we got from my hubby's grandparents :>) It really is a beautiful tree.

  6. It's lovely, Patty. I love the smell of fresh trees, and the Noble Fir is my favorite.

  7. Patty,
    How lovely are the branches, indeed, dear friend!!!

  8. The Noble Fir is beautiful. I love the space between the branches for cherished ornaments. Our daughter's family in Mt. Shasta cut their own Noble Fir with a permit that only costs 10 dollars. It's one of their benefits of living up in the mountains. I'm way behind on Christmas decorations and the tree... oh goodness.


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