hot chocolate station


I put together this little hot chocolate station every year as the weather cools.  It is such a happy space in the kitchen and the perfect welcome home as you leave the chill of outdoors behind.

There is something soothing about cradling that warm mug in your hands and the smell of melting marshmallows and steaming chocolate, isn't there?

This year I've added this cute ball jar filled with a yummy cocoa mix that my new friend Debbie from Cucaroo gifted me with when she stopped by for a craft party last month.  It is so pretty that I hate to use it but I know that feeling will only last so long. Ha!

There really is nothing to putting a little bar together.  All it takes is a small tray, a few pretty containers and a mug or two.  I love the addition of the festive candy canes and of course plenty of miniature marshmallows (which I am pretty sure my grandson has been helping himself to).

A hot chocolate station is such a little thing but isn't it true that the little things make all the difference?  The trick is slowing down long enough to enjoy a cup.  I think this might be a case of the pot calling the kettle black for me. 

xo, Patty


  1. I love it Patty! What is in the cocoa mix? It looks divine! You have inspired me to do this.

    1. Patty, I just saw these on a blog I read and thought they would be great for your hot chocolate station. check out the chocolate spoons!

  2. It's darling! What a cozy and functional station. I need to make one of those as I am a big hot cocoa fan in the winter and with this ice storm coming I think I'm going to need it! TYFS!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I'm off to set up my own!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I love the hot cocoa bar ideas I have seen, and yours is so festive and pretty:>) Most of the toppings go great with coffee too, so if you aren't into hot cocoa you can still set up a really cute bar!

  5. A hot chocolate station, just what we need now that Jack Frost has arrived!
    Yours is set up so cute.
    Cocoa wouldn't last long here either.

  6. Beautiful, I make a big batch every year too and we drink it all winter long.

  7. Great idea..may use that for my annual Christmas party!? hhmm

  8. I love this! You're right, little details can have a big impact!

  9. I sure love my coffee stations. Love your cocoa area! Very cute and colorful.

  10. What a cute idea! I think I will make us a station for hot chocolate. The kids will love it.

  11. What a charming hot cocoa station! I am sure everyone is enjoying it :) Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Love it! I want a cup now!!
    xo Kris

  13. Hot cocoa would be wonderful right now. It's snowing here!


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