I made the switch


Have you made the switch yet?  I procrastinated and procrastinated until the very last minute and finally gave in and made the switch.

I hopped on over to bloglovin...

I know there are other choices but this one was easy for me to figure out and I really like their reader format.  If you haven't made the switch, your time is running out to be able to import all the blogs you follow with the click of a button.  It was so easy, bloglovin did all the work for me.

I've added the  bloglovin button on my side bar if you'd like to follow me.  You can also follow me on facebook...the button's at the top of my sidebar.  Just click on the icon and hit "like" on my page.

So as of July 1, 2013, it's bye, bye Google Reader, you have been a faithful blogging friend.

xo, Patty


  1. Yep... I made the switch to Bloglovin a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. xox

  2. I will have to check it out, Patty. Don't know much about it. I have been so busy, haven't been able to do much in blogland. Hope that will change soon!

  3. I, too, made the switch awhile ago. Also, I took the suggested step to "claim your blog". Everything seems to be in working order. :)

    1. I meant to add that I think your header is very pretty, Patty.

  4. Me too and I also claim your blog thing too.

  5. I am just sticking with GFC for now, since that is different from the Google Reader and is staying at the moment. I might consider Bloglovin in the future, though.

  6. I may have to look into that. Why when I have something down does it always go away? Hope all is well. Hating this heat how about you?

  7. I dread it, but I better do it!

  8. I'm working between Feedly and Bloglovin at the moment just to see the differences and then choose later on which one I will stick with. Bloglovin was really easy to set up though. Have a great week. Chel x

  9. Patty,
    I have NO clue what a Google Reader is, dear friend!!!
    But after 2 months of trying to regain my blog. . .
    I'm not hitting any "extra" buttons!!!

  10. I procrastinated too on getting everyone over to bloglovin but went ahead and let them do all the work for me..it was a breeze just like you say. See you there. xo

  11. I just migrated over and added the buttons to my 2 blogs. thanks for the reminder!

  12. Hi Patty..I've found you on Bloglovin and I'm slowly getting used to it!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x


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