the family tree


I just realized I never shared the photos of the family tree I worked on for our reunion last weekend.

I knew I wanted something a little different with the emphasis on the love that is required to keep a large family together, so hearts as a theme seemed like a natural choice.

I started with a large heart in the center and worked my way out with five smaller hearts representing each of the five siblings and then I attached a heart for each child of a sibling that has a family of their own.  (It sounds more complicated than it

Gathering the photos from my archives provided me with so many good memories and a few tears.

I am happy with the way it came out and more importantly, so was my mom.

The reunion was a great success.  Each of my moms siblings was represented by their families with a shirt of a different color.  My mom chose bright orange for us (gee, I wonder where I get my love of color?).  I am proud to say we were the largest branch of the tree present.  With the exception of my sister and her family who live in Texas, my sister in law in New Mexico, one great niece and one nephew who had to work, every single person you see in these photos was present and glowing in a bright orange shirt.

Of course, my dad's presence was felt ever so strongly.  It was an event tailor made for him...oh, how he loved having his family gathered around!

Hope you have fun plans for this first weekend of summer, it's going to be a beauty!

xo, Patty


  1. Patty,

    This is can tell you spent a lot of time on it. I wish my family would do reunions but they won't.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. Oh what a treasure . Your family tree. Alot of you put into it. With hearts and so forth,Colours.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I really like it as being a crafty gal myself . Well I like to think I am.

    I know how many hours it takes to do what you have done and shared. I bet she was

    thrilled with it.

    I just did my son something for his 50th Birthday. He liked it also . Mine was put on a

    cd after I did and the one picture I added . I really thought I did a great job. I

    posted it. As he is a hat person like myself. I did his life.

    Last week on my blog.

    So be proud. Great, great memory Tree pictures you have completed with the hearts and journaling.

    Whooo Hoo! Awesome!

  3. Your family collage is great! Don't know what it is but, my Dad was always so excited to go to family reunions. He was in his glory. Loved every minute of it. We all enjoyed it but nothing like he did. Isn't that funny that men would get so into reunions? We had one every couple of years when he was alive. He'd get the building and make all of the plans which was so out of character for him. But, he did the same thing with his group of co-workers when they all retired.

    So glad you had a good time. They will make precious memories.


  4. Hi Patty,
    Your collage is so great! And it sure sounds like you had a large, and successful gathering! Such happy and smiling faces!!!!
    I know what you mean about feeling your Dad's presence. We all feel the same when we gather.
    Your sewing projects are making me drool. Oh how I need to get back to my machine!!!!
    Miss you.

  5. What a great new "family tree". Family is everything and it is so important to remember where and who we came from.

  6. Patty, you did a beautiful job on our family tree. I know it took alot of time, creativity and emotion. You are so thoughtful and you placed the pictures perfectly. Love you sis!

  7. I love it. Great job and thank you for sharing. It is beautiful.

  8. Isn't it wonderful to look at all those smiling faces at one time?

  9. Good job..Will be a nice keepsake..Too hot for me Patty..

  10. Your family collage is absolutely awesome. I'm sure your mom - and all the other relatives - loved it!

  11. This is fantastic! What a clever way of putting together a family tree. The reunion sounds like it was a lot of fun. Ann

  12. Patty,
    Love this clever idea, dear friend!!!
    I remember those days gone by of only 3 television stations!!!
    Many times in the evenings or a Sunday afternoon,
    we would drag out the Family photo albums and flip through all the photos!!!
    Always so~o~o many family stories were shared, laughter and a few tears!!!
    I'm sure this was a big hit at your family reunion!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  13. Patty- What a sweet, clever idea. You KNOW your Dad was there with you in spirit- xo Diana

  14. This is beautiful. You're really inspiring me to have some fun with family pictures.

  15. Beautiful family tree project you created and the color orange was a fun choice.


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