those darn gophers and other things on my checklist


Hello there.  It seems like I've been away for awhile. 

I have been trying to get my summertime groove going but life keeps getting in the way.  So I've started a little list of things I'd like to accomplish in the next couple of months.

1.  We have gophers and just when it seems like we have them stopped (as in dead) another hole turns up.  So number one is getting rid of those darn gophers.

2.  Clean out the sunroom.  Someone in their infinite wisdom decided to put a beautiful windowed sunroom on the Southwest facing side of the house.  This pretty much makes the room unusable for 8 out 12 months of the year because of the heat so it has become one giant junk room.  So number two on the list is to get it cleaned out so that we can address making it a more useable space.

3.  Gut the upstairs bathroom down to the toilet, shower and sink.  This room is stuck in a time warp from the 1970's and not in a cool retro kind of way.  The only problem is that there is no air conditioning vent in there and heat rises...nuff said.  So realistically this one may need to be moved to the fall months when the temperatures in there are more bearable.

4.  Stock up merchandise for the fall/winter craft shows.  This is one of those goals that I have had for a couple of years now but this year is the year...(read into that, I am broke and miss my working paycheck so I have to get serious and do something to make a dime).

5.    Prepare the guest room for guests.  Finish up all the little projects that are keeping it from looking like a place someone would love to spend time in.

6.  Purge every. single. closet!

How's that for some summertime fun?  We do have a few quick trips planned so it won't be all work and no play.

What about you?  Do you have a summer to do list or is it all about fun in the sun for you?

xo, Patty


  1. Have no trips planned. Will be home with the pupsters taking care of the garden best I can in the heat and taking it easy in the house with thank heavens central air conditioning. I still have those old glass things in the fuse box from I suppose the 1930s. But I'd die without air conditioning.

  2. My summer time list seems to grow longer and longer every day. I'm sure it will be fall before I even put a dent in it!!!! LOL...
    Have a great weekend!

  3. My summer list is getting longer and longer by the day. I look at it, add to it, and find something else to do. Very naughty as autumn will be here before we know it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Chel x

  4. No lists..I just take it as it comes...Stuff seems to get done.

  5. No summer time fun here. Hubby likes to keep us busy. :/ As for those gophers, you better learn to live with them. My husband uses smoke bombs made for them. I say they party, then move to a different spot once they are over the hangover the next morning. ;) My brother in law fights them as well. He said you'll think they're gone and then the next morning they'll be waving at you from a different spot, like "hey, I'm over here today." lol Did you see the movie Caddyshack with Bill Murray? Nuff said. Good luck on your list.

  6. That sounds like a good list! On my list, quit my job (oh yes!), get back to doing what I love, designing and selling on etsy, and finishing the gardens:>)

  7. Oh yes, those gophers....our front yard is full of the critters. They have been eating my flowers, but thankfully our cat seems to be doing a pretty good job with them.

    Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  8. I concentrate my summer to do list in the mornings when the coolness maintains my energy level. Afternoons are for relaxing and fun.

  9. Summer is always filled with jobs, but summer jobs are so much more fun than those terrible winter ones . . . like shoveling snow off the sidewalks :) I do like lists . . . they keep me on point and exactly give me more leisure time. Have fun with each check mark off your list :) Your blogging sister, Connie

  10. LOVE this! So happy to have found your blog :) Will definitely be following.

    Have a beautifully blessed week...

    Jayma |

  11. Your summer to-do list sounds about like ours! We have a ton of home projects to work on, too. Never-ending, isn't it?


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