what's blooming?


We have had such a weird week of weather.  It was in the 90's Thursday and Friday and by Sunday it was cold and rainy.  It is still damp and drizzly today but they tell us we will be back up to 90 by Mother's Day.  Geesh!

My roses are burning up in the sun one day and hanging their heavy water logged heads the next.

I see some blog friends are still getting snow in other parts of the country.  We sure have been in an unusual weather pattern the last couple of years.

I ran outside this morning and clipped a few of my favorite garden flowers for the dining room table while there was a break in the rain.

 Every year I add a few new Gerbera daisy plants to the front perennial bed.  They are such a great cut flower as are the Peruvian lillies which will be divided in the fall. 

This cool looking blue flower is love in mist and reseeds itself freely every year.  I added the red yarrow last month and it is already offering up such pretty blooms.

Thank you for loving my garden as much as I do.  It has been a labor of love since we moved in five years ago.  Some of you asked...yes, all the pictures I've been posting are from my yard.   Each year I replace a few more annuals with perennials and this year is the prettiest yet.

So now it's your turn...how is your garden fairing in this strange weather?  Anything blooming where you are?  Send me a link, I would love to come take a look.

xo, Patty


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I should try my hand at the gerbera. I have never grown them, but they are beautiful in bouquets !I have been enjoying the cooler weather. The 90's seemed to come too fast!

  2. Love in mist is so beautiful. Here in Ontario we are having July type weather. Very hot, humid & sunny. It is about to end tomorrow with 4 days of rain on its' way. Enjoyed your post today. Deb

  3. Pretty flowers Patty. I have lots of blooms. This is crazy weather. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday in Palm Desert. It is an evening outdoor wedding on a golf course. I hope it isn't dreadful hot!!!
    XO Kris

  4. That weird blue flower is beautiful and so exotic! My tomato plants died in the freeze we had last week. I had just bought a bunch of plants and hadn't planted them yet, so they all came into the kitchen. I just put them outside today. You just don't know what this weather is going to do. Who would have imagined a freeze in May?

    Your flowers are gorgeous and I know you enjoy them We enjoy looking at them also.


  5. Beautiful blooms. My roses are blooming. The hydrangeas are full and setting buds.

  6. Beautiful flowers. We are getting strange weather here also.

  7. Your flowers are so pretty! Your garden is very beautiful. We are having mild weather here in WA State - can't complain! Usually we are getting all the rain! xx

  8. I just love see your beautiful flowers. We have had strange weather and snow the first part of may... so my garden is now just getting planted. Last year this time it was going strong. Have a great day.

  9. Well, you might have read that we planted a bunch of petunias, pansies, and violas that my husband got on clearance after a frost. We knew we were WAY early for planting in Ohio, but we were willing to take the risk for the price we'd paid. And then, last night on the news, the weatherman was talking about some upcoming temps., and he said, "I TOLD you not to plant those petunias!" OY. Stay tuned. LOL

    Your flowers are beautiful!

  10. Beautiful flowers..and it has been seasonally cold here...just now starting to feel like spring. Your garden is always beautiful and relaxing...enjoy!

  11. Such beautiful blooms. The weather in the UK had been fine and sunny but the rain is back today. I planted seeds in the sunshine, love-in-the-mist, nasturtiums, English marigolds and antirrhinums. Can't wait for them to pop up their little green shoots. Sarah x

  12. Patty,
    May is too early for blooms here on the Prairie...
    but come June, I will share photos with you, dear friend!!!
    I am so~o~o thrilled for our morning Spring Showers and
    Sunny afternoons as things are beginning to turn green!
    After two years of brown from the drought, green is such a welcomed sight!!!
    Have a marvelous weekend ahead!!!

  13. Very slow spring here. Snow on the rhubarb. Never seen that before.
    Everything is going to bloom late.
    Your flowers are lovely.

  14. Yup, weird weather here in Cali! My climbing roses are doing great and so are the hydrangeas. Stay cool this weekend and have a lovely Mother's DAy!


  15. Weather's so bad over here, can't even get a full day to get into my sad neglected garden.
    Think I will resort to potting up plants indoors to put out into the rain, at least i'll have color :)
    Love your beautiful garden.....wanna swap!!!!!!!!!!
    Karen x

  16. Beautiful gardens Patty! I love the love in a mist and will have to think about adding gerbera daisies too!


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