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When you're putting a new wardrobe together mostly from scratch as I have been doing or if you're just trying to adapt your existing wardrobe to a new season in your life, I have found that it's best to establish a core group of staples that you can mix and match with a few inexpensive accessories to keep them fresh and fun.

Today I want to talk about t-shirts which are a staple in my wardrobe for sure.  If you are like me you have your favorite qualities in a tee and when you find one you love you tend to want to purchase it in all your favorite colors.

I like a t-shirt that has some give to it but is thick enough that I don't have to wear a tank top underneath if I don't want to.  It needs to be long enough to allow me to raise my arms without baring my mid section but short enough to tuck into my pants without rolling up at the bottom.

I have tried expensive ($15- $20) brands and bargain basement (under $5) as well.

I bought this black and white long sleeve tee from Faded Glory on a whim at Walmart for around $6.00.  This stripe was on my list of staples I wanted in my wardrobe and I thought at that price it was worth a try.

And I'm happy to say that I love it.  It meets all my favorite T-shirt criteria and has held it's shape well in the wash to boot.  I'm looking forward to styling it in all these cute ways that I found on pinterest.   And yes, I went back and bought it in a couple of my favorite colors.

                                                                    (sources via pinterst)

My hope for the coming weeks is to start taking a couple of my wardrobe staples and show you how I've styled them in a few different ways.

Since we're talking wardrobe stables ,what are the five things in your closet that you consider the basics of your wardrobe?  I think mine would be jeans, t-shirts, cardigan/blazer, white blouse and maybe one versatile dress.

xo, Patty

grey jeans - the loft
striped tee - walmart
black scarf - walmart
grey booties - zappos
earrings and bracelet -target


  1. That is a GREAT looking outfit, Patty. I am going through my wardrobe this winter and editing it, too. xo Diana

  2. Go Patty! I love tshirts and jeans. Spiffing them up with jewelry or scarves is real life and looks great! Can't wait to see what else you do.

  3. You look great, I love those boots! My staples are tee shirts (my favorites are long sleeve v necks from Target) Jeans, cardigans, and I am learning to use accessories. I have been a no accessory, no make-up person most of my life. Now that I'm getting older I have to try a little harder! I am actually really enjoying dressing up a little nicer at home. Just for me. What a concept huh? I feel so much better about how I look, why didn't I do this sooner?

  4. I love your style and your confidence!

  5. Patty, I love that striped shirt. I have always thought they are for every season too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Patty, You are adorable. I look forward to these fashion posts on Wednesdays. Keep them coming.


  7. Love the outfit. I have been doing the same thing with my wardrobe, following the Project 333. It is actually liberating.

  8. I love your outfit and how you put the scarf with the tee shirt. I really enjoy your fashion posts. I have been retired for about a year and want outfits that are casual, but nice enough to go out for lunch or to my volunteer job. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  9. You are so cute - a scarf does wonders for a plain tee doesn't it?

  10. Patty,
    I'm so~o~o glad you got me started on my wardrobe updating.
    To date, I have organized two closets of my Seasonal clothing!!!
    I've donated 3 h u g e bags of clothing to our local Thrift shop!
    But the amazing news. . .I found an entire box of Spring clothing
    that I thought had been mistakenly donated of items I l o v e!!!
    These 5 items would vary from Season~to~Season:
    1) Twill, cotton slacks
    2) Sweaters
    3) Crew~neck 3/4 sleeve T~Tops
    4) Jackets
    5) Scarves
    Love the black & yellow combination in your photos!!!
    That stripe T is a "keeper"!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me to "down~size" my wardrobe!!!

  11. I have a new favorite t-shirt also from Wal-Mart. Mine is a White Stag - the perfect thickness and a nice shape for a curvy figure. And yes, I have it in several colors.


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