simple salsa recipe


I almost forgot it was Monday.  My daughter worked the late shift yesterday and asked us to keep her boys overnight so the lazy busyness of this morning feels more like a Saturday.  Lazy because there's no school...busy because well, I have two little's in the house wanting breakfast and cartoons and bottles and diapers changed and my attention in general.

Once I got everyone settled I whipped up a big batch of my super simple salsa recipe.

It is almost automatic for me to pick up the ingredients for this recipe with my weekly grocery schedule.  I love having them on hand to make up a fresh batch every week.

For the recipe you'll need...

1 large can of whole tomatoes
1 or 2 jalapenos, depending on your heat index
half an onion, whatever kind you have hand will do
two large cloves of garlic
fresh cilantro, I use about half the bunch

I use my small food processor and it all fits...just barely.

Rough chop all your veggies being sure to take the seeds and membranes out of your jalapenos. Drain the juice out of the can of tomatoes into a large bowl and set aside.  Pour about a quarter cup of the juice from the tomatoes into the processor and add all the veggies and pulse until they are chopped finely but not pureed.  You just don't want to see any large chunks of veggies left.  Then add the tomatoes a few at a time giving them just a couple of quick pulses until you've used all the tomatoes.  Once you've pulsed it all together pour it into the bowl with the remaining tomato juice and stir together.  Salt as desired, it takes a bit of salt but use your own discretion.

Pour into canning jars and refrigerate.   It tastes best after a couple of hours but we always eat some right away.  It will stay good at least a week in the fridge if it lasts that long.

See, super simple salsa.  Give it a try and you'll never go back to the bottled stuff.

Happy Monday!

xo, Patty


  1. Your cup run neath over! Salsa looks good!!
    XO K

  2. I love home made salsa, it's so easy and the flavor just cannot be beat. I so look forward to grandkids some day! Enjoy your time with yours :>)

  3. You must be in heaven with all the little grands at one time. Nothing better. Why have I not made fresh salsa before. On my list today for sure. I have everything here and already have Southwest Chicken in the crockpot. I don't know what camera you used for your salsa, but the colors are beautiful and bright. Have fun with your boys today.

  4. Awesome, There's nothing like spending time with the grandkids.


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