busy days and fashion Wednesday


I don't know about you but Wednesday kind of snuck up on me this week.  Between watching the grandboys over the weekend and the holiday on Monday it seems like I lost a day somewhere.  It was such a busy weekend but the best kind of busy filled with food, family and fun.

Anyone ready for fashion Wednesday?  Let's get on with it, shall we?

I am starting a series of posts on how to style staple pieces in multiple ways.  It seems we are all trying to simplify our lives and purge our homes of excess stuff and our closets are no exception.  I am learning that with a few good basic pieces in my wardrobe I can still have a fun and versatile arsenal of clothes for any occasion.

I thought I would begin with something I wear most everyday, jeans and a t-shirt.   I talked a little last week about finding a tee that you really love and buying it in several colors and this one from Old Navy is definitely a favorite.  It's called the perfect Tee and it is.  I paired it with my blue curvy skinny jeans from The Loft which I love,  as well.  With a cute pair of leopard flats and a casual statement necklace I am ready to run errands around town in no time at all.

Here I've added a mustard yellow cardigan sweater, another favorite thing in my closet.  This one is from Target and I like how light weight it is and the length is perfect for my body shape.  I added a cute polka dot scarf and my brown riding boots and I'm ready for lunch with a friend or a casual afternoon drive with my hubby.

I exchanged the cardigan for my jean jacket switched out the scarf and jewelry and it changed the look of the outfit completely.  Still casual but able to transition to cooler afternoon or evening events.

Same scarf here, it's a new favorite by MUDD that I bought at Kohls but I exchanged the jean jacket for a quilted vest.  When I saw puffy vests were in style I was afraid the bulk of one would not flatter my fuller figure so I opted to purchase this quilted one from Kohls.  I reach for it often and throw it on whenever I need a little warmth but not quite a sweater.  Vests are on my short list of things I want to add to my wardrobe right now.  I think they will make a nice transition into Spring.

And finally a little dressed up version of the t-shirt and jean combo.  This is the third blazer that I found at Goodwill.  I think I paid around $7.00 for it and then another $7.00 to have it dry cleaned.  It is a pretty creamy linen and I know I will wear it a ton.  I switched out my riding boots for these dressier booties from Macy's.  Add some thrift store pearls and you are good to go out for a night on the town.

So there you have it.  Same jeans and tee but styled five different ways.  What did you think?  The possibilities are limitless.

xo, Patty

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  1. I oculdn't wait to see your beautiful face this morning. I like all of the outfits but my favorite is you in the linen blazer.....Very classy. Thanks for sharing.


  2. What a great lesson in how staple items can look so different and usable for a lot of different events. I have to say, the cream jacket is my favorite, what a wonderful bargain! It looks perfect on you and, as you, said, will go with so many different outfits. I love it! I never think to put something a little dressier with my jeans and tee but I keep seeing it done successfully. It looks great and I plan on trying it now. Thanks for doing this series Patty!

  3. Thank you sweet Patty. I have found myself looking forward to your fashion post. I love your looks. There is a blog call Gardener's Cottage. This lady breaks her wardrobe down to 33 pieces for 3 months. She has found great collectable pieces and has trimmed her closets down. I like how may uses you did with the jeans and tee. Blessings, xox,Susie

  4. #3 4 and last one. Nice on you. I love the jean idea.

  5. You are rocking the Wednesday posts!! I love the jeans with the blazer.

    What other fashion bloggers do you like to follow? I'm looking for more inspiration from ladies who are our age.

  6. I absolutely LOVED this post! You have given me great motivation to think creatively about my closet. You look fabulous!

  7. Last outfit is my fave. You look really nice! Can't wait to try your salsa recipe.

  8. Patty, this is great! You have a lot of versatility with your jeans and tee! My two favorite looks are the one with the ivory blazer and pearls, and the wearing of the jean jacket and scarf.

  9. Wowza girlfriend! You better warn hubby that you are turning heads all over town!!!!
    XO Kris

  10. All pretty and fun with the accessories you have added - I can tell you are having fun with these posts!

  11. Love seeing all the combinations. Sometimes I get in the rut of wearing the same combinations and not mixing a matching. Love the mustard yellow sweater paired with it!


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