party preparation and fashion Wednesday


I've been busy this week with the preparations for my first craft workshop of the year, a Valentine Makerie, this Friday.  The project kits are just about finished, the goody jars are made (and cute as can be) and the menu and grocery list are at the ready.  I think I get as excited about these events as my guests do.  But I'm getting ahead of myself, that's not until Friday and I'll share more about it a little later.

As for today, it's Wednesday and that means it's all about fashion.  Last time I showed you five different ways I styled a basic t-shirt and blue jeans, this week we'll take the same concept only the staple pieces I chose were a pair of black dress pants and a basic black top.

For the first look I started with the basic black pants and shirt and I chose a pair of black pumps leftover from my working wardrobe.  I added a leopard scarf and some classic gold jewelry.  This outfit could take me from daytime to evening no problem.

Here I just added my red thrift store blazer and pearls and it changed the look completely.  I could see myself wearing this for a meeting, a nice dinner with my hubby or to church on Sunday morning.

I love cardigans and luckily they are fairly inexpensive.  I have several of them in all sorts of different colors.  Here I've added one in hot pink which is one of my favorite fashion colors right now.  This one is from Old Navy.  I have to confess I always thought Old Navy was for the twenty somethings but their staple pieces have worked well in my revamped wardrobe and their sale prices are really good.  I swapped my pumps for leopard flats, added a gold tassel necklace and now I could wear this outfit any day of the week.

Next, I traded the cardigan for a blue chambray shirt.  I wish I had bought this shirt in one size smaller because I feel like it kind of swallows me up every time I wear it.  I love the look but just wish it was a little more fitted.  I tried it with both the leopard flats and black booties.  What do you think?

And finally, I threw a sweater over the black top for a little warmth.  The sweater has a boat neckline which is not my most flattering so having the shirt on underneath kind of minimized this.  Here again I love the look and softness of this sweater but felt like it was a bit loose and not very flattering on me.  Luckily, I had never worn it and it still had the tags on so it was quickly placed in my return pile.

Taking pictures of my outfits has certainly given me a new perspective on what styles look best on me.  Even if you don't blog I would encourage you to take a few selfies in a full length mirror.  You might be surprised at how different clothes accentuate your figure.  I used to think looser fitting clothes would make me appear slimmer, now I don't think that's true. My body has certainly changed over the years and what used to flatter me really doesn't any more.

Of course when you stick an adorable six year old (who tucked his shirt in and put on a belt just for the occasion) next to you anything you have on just looks cuter.

Not sure what next Wednesday will bring but I'm thinking it will involve Spring color.  Any ideas or suggestions?  I'd love to hear.

xo, Patty

black tuxedo pants - The Loft
black shirt - Walmart
leopard scarf - Walgreens
pink cardigan - Old Navy
blue chambray shirt - Old Navy
Eyelash sweater - Target
leopard flats - Kohls
black booties - Kohls
gold tassel necklace - Walmart


  1. I have loved your fashion posts. It is good to have this discussion of what looks good on our changing bodies. Real bodies:) I love the idea of the selfies. I have done that a few times and it is a real tell all for how things really look. Thanks goodness for the trash button on my phone.
    I too used to think if I wore loose fitting it made me look slimmer, but the pictures really say there is a thing as too loose. Finding that comfort zone and looking nice is key.
    I love the pink sweater outfit!

  2. I always look forward to your fashion posts! My favorite looks this time were the pink cardigan and boat neckline sweater! All look fabulous though, as always! :) Can't wait to read more about your Valentine's Day Workshop!

  3. Patty, I love your new looks. I agree about the sweater. Yikes, I just got myself a new one, wore and almost hate the bagginess of it. I love the blue shirt with the black. I smiled about your little male model... I give him a thumbs up and tucking in his shirt. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Wow I love what you've done this week. The black basic parts are pretty to start with and you sure changed it up. Very inspiring!

  5. It is nice to see what can be done with a good basic black top and slacks. So many looks for one basic outfit. It makes it a great thing to pack for trips. Sometimes you ready don't know before a trip if things are going to be casual or dressy and with your ideas, you can go either way in a flash. Great post.
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  6. I love how versatile you are with your basic black outfit. I like the way the sweater in the last photos looks on you; maybe you should keep it.

  7. Very cute outfits! I really look forward to seeing a post on the makerie party too :>)

  8. These are really great outfits, Patty!! It is amazing what a difference a few accessories and jackets can make. Since I'm going through weight loss, I'm all about basic pieces! Very inspiring, and you are so photogenic!!

  9. That's amazing You really got me to thinking what I can put with my black pants and shirt. So many possibilities. I never thought of a chambray shirt. Have fun on Friday. Sure wish I lived closer.

  10. Very nice! My favorite outfits are the one with the great pink cardigan and the one with the boat neck sweater....I think the sweater looks great on you!

  11. Very pretty! I like these outfits all ways!

  12. I'm new to your blog and really enjoying your fashion Wednesdays. I've always LOVED the black pants and black top outfits.. I did that for years when I worked, putting a sweater over the top, or a vest (I LOVE vests!). Cardigans work great too and love all of your looks. I think "too loose" has its place... as I love comfort.. so some days I would wear a big shirt or long loose top over my basic black, when I wanted to feel for comfortable. But I do agree with you, sometimes more fitted looks more slimming, even though a few little bulges may show here and there! My hubby said he never minds seeing those things, but I've always hated seeing those things (bulges, rolls, etc.). Selfies are great to show us how we really look to others... and some of the ones I've taken of ME are instantly deleted from my camera, and I decide not to wear THAT outfit any more!

    I would love to see some looks with leggings, as I love leggings.

  13. How cute you look in all of them! :) Love the leopard flats...I need to get me some of those. I don't even own a pair of flats....always wear heels. But those are really cute. And the tassel necklace is great.


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