the grand pumpkin harvest


Every year I plant pumpkin seeds in my raised bed planters with visions of a grand pumpkin harvest.  Call me a dreamer but in my mind there are enough pumpkins for my grandkids and nieces and nephews to come by for cookies and hot chocolate as they frolic through the pumpkin patch.

I will set up a photo booth and take adorable pictures for their proud parents and we will enjoy a glorious autumn day together.

And every year I am teased with the sprouting of pumpkin vines only to have them put out a flower or two and quickly wither away.  Ever the optimist I think to year.  Next year I will plant the seeds and they will produce to my wildest expectations.

This year as I contemplated yet another round of rejection (and a few negative vibes from my hubby) I decided a change of venue might be in order.  I knew I needed a place with plenty of sun, good soil and lots of bees for pollination. 

I found the perfect spot in the rear of the yard and just look at these happy vines.

I wish I could say that I have oodles of pumpkins growing but that would be jumping the gun.  I do have lots of big orange flowers opening up with more buds than I can count. 

I will let you know when I have my first pumpkin sighting (although I am sure you just might hear my hallelujah chorus a few states away) as I think this just might be the year and come October when the pumpkin harvest is ready, I will be sure and send you all an invitation to the most idyllic fall afternoon ever.

Ever the optimist...

xo, Patty


  1. You know I tried for years. Finally last year success. Your vines look robust!!

  2. Hers hoping patty. Even if you don't get pumpkins the glossy green leaves and the yellow flowers are still worth seeing. If you were anything like my mother you would buy a couple of pumpkins and put them under the leaves just to trick along the family!! Joan

  3. This could be the magic year! They sure look like they might produce pumpkins:>)

  4. We have the biggest pumpkin grower in Europe near us (a million in one field and he has loads of fields!!) and I can't believe in a couple of months we will be getting ready to carve these once again. I am looking forward to seeing how your vines get on, I've got one on the go so fingers crossed I get something from this. xx

  5. Great post! I will be waiting with great anticipation for the invitation. Your day does indeed sound idyllic.

  6. Hi Patty, I LOVE pumpkins and autumn so I see much hope behind that vine. Fingers crossed. :) The flowers are beautiful.
    Found your blog via Lynne's Dreams on 34th Street. Lemon is always a magnet for me, and I love your page intro.
    I look forward to visiting.

  7. Thank you, it's the first time I have seen pumpkin blossoms. My SIL has grown them before but I never saw the pumpkin patch. You'll have to show them when they get bigger. xoxo,Susie

  8. I've had the same luck. Last year, the vine was gorgeous, but the only pumpkin I got had grown through the fence into the neighbor's yard! It was a serious bummer.

  9. I LOVE Pumpkins! One year I noticed a yellow "flower" in my front shrubs. What is this I wondered??? Low and behold, where I had tons of pumpkins sitting last year for d├ęcor, seeds must have dropped and I was growing pumpkins?!?!?! I too had tons of yellow flowers and large gourd did grow! It was green and orange! Beautiful! I kept it as long as I could! All the way till Christmas! It's funny how things "happen" when you don't even plan it! Good luck with yours!

  10. HI Patti,

    I hope you get tons of pumpkins, they are such a happy veggie!

    Hugs, Lynnie

  11. I think this is your year!! The vines look fantastic and healthy!!
    XO Kris

  12. Where there are flowers , there will be fruit..

  13. I raised gourds once but no pumpkins. My mom use to raise the white boo pumpkins for me. Good luck, hope they pop up!

  14. Patty, cheering you on! Keep dreaming and one day your dreams will become a reality. I wonder if pumpkins are like watermelons, not category wise, but perhaps conditions and trial and error. I've heard the first few years, take a while and maybe that's true for pumpkins.
    Have a great week.

  15. Patty,
    Pumpkin blossoms are one of my favorites!!!
    "Mr. Ed" has two hills of pumpkin vines in separate locations!
    When living in SouthEast Kansas,
    he grew enough for the Elementary students (#35)
    and their Teachers to come pick a pumpkin! Great memories!!!
    Take LOTS of photos of your pumpkin "bumper" crop, dear friend!!!

  16. Your vines are beautiful. I do hope you are blessed with pumpkins galore. Years ago, we grew them at my sons preschool. It was fun...for me and the kids.

  17. Just lovely! I would be so excited if that were in my yard. I bought seeds this year and forgot to plant them so I guess it will be next year for me!


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