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Thank you for all the kind comments on my cozy little corner.  It seems there is a color revolution going on out there.  It's nice to finally be in a place that following the latest fads doesn't have to over power what we love.

Being inspired by talented designers is great but but don't you think that sometimes trends change just for the sake of getting us to buy new stuff.  For me the balance comes in incorporating one or two new accents without replacing everything that is dear to me.

Right now it seems everywhere I turn there are so many adorable owls. It would be easy to snatch them up and place them all around the cottage but I am ever conscious not to let trends and cuteness make my main living spaces become themed out by what's in.  (Of course, if owls are your thing and they always have been then surround yourself with them.  It should always be first and foremost about what brings you joy in your space.)

I have allowed myself two owls (and trust me it was with great restraint that I allowed only two) one here in the living room and a gorgeous owl vase in the dining room.  They were in the colors I love and they just seemed to fit where I placed them.

Everything else is pretty classically me.  The pops of colors in the pillows...the large orange pillow is actually a removable pillow case that I made out of a vintage sheet.  I used buttons to close it up so that I can easily toss it into the washing machine every couple of weeks as it becomes soiled. This is our only sofa and it get used every single day.  People are going to need a place to lay their head, so having one removable pillow case made perfect sense.

The small red crate on the coffee table was from Home Goods and it holds all our remotes.  It originally came with three dividers but I removed one so that it would better suit my purpose.

The TV stand is actually a repurposed bench from out back.  My husband added the shelf underneath to hold the cable box and VCR and I painted it Martha Stewart Cornbread yellow.

You've seen my favorite corner before but directly across from it is my other favorite spot.  This old leather chair is where I sit to have my morning quiet time.  It is also one of Bear's favorite napping places as you can see.

 Since this is a working living room there is also a spot for toys.  I promise I edit it down to the one large wicker basket regularly, but another tote always makes it's way into this corner somehow.

One of the comments I get quite often is that our home looks like a real family lives here.  I love that.  Marrying pretty with function is very important to me.  My goal is for you to walk into our cottage and know it is mine, to ask for a cup of coffee and to curl up and stay a while.

Thanks for stopping by.  I always enjoy our visits.  Come back again real soon!

xo, Patty


  1. Hi Patty,
    I love the way the room looks and I love your decor.. What comfy cozy room. I don't think I'd want to be in any other room

  2. Patty,

    I love it. The punches of color are beautiful.

    Cottage Making Mommy

  3. I love the pops of color added to the leather sofa. Joe and I are leaning towards a leather sofa because of our fur kiddos who we love more than anything.

  4. Hi Patty,
    I love color too and agree with you, we should have what we love in our homes,not what a newest trend is. Although some the trends like all white is very pretty,I need color in my life. Your room is full of the colors I love too, its a happy room where I would want to curl up in. I enjoyed your post very much.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. I want to come and sit in there myself!

  6. Love your use of color! It's so cheery. I feel the same way about trends. Your home needs to reflect you and your family, not what's in at the moment. I love what you've done.


  7. I love your living room and find it hard so single out one thing l like the best, everything together makes a perfect whole. I love the cosy home-feeling and the way you have brought together so many lovely colours in a perfect way. I agree very much about the trends that come and go and have often felt irritated when a new one comes and tells us that we need a whole new scheme in our home because all we have is "out" of fashion. To me home is about being surroundes with things that matter to us, things that are "us" in some way. Those things and feelings are rooted deep inside us and don't change the way the trends do. Enjoy your lovely home, wish l could pop in for tea :-) Pam

  8. Patty, I love your happy cottage home!! Thank you for not shying away from color or whatever it is you love, for that matter! I love color, too. Right now it's on my walls so brightly that my accessories are a bit more neutral, but with spring on the way I get excited about my yellows and fresh greens around here again!! I love your doggie, and I noticed your stack of Beth Moore books. I enjoy her books so much, and she's such a REAL example of Christ for women!

  9. Love it all ... the colors, all so different but blend so well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Patty, I love it, and it's just how I imagined it would be. Look very comfy indeed!


  11. Patty,
    Beautiful, comfortable and loving living room!!!
    Loved seeing the toys in the corner!

  12. Patty your house makes me so happy. I love all the color. Love love love!!

  13. I totally agree with you about decorating with things we love and not trying to keep up with the current trend, Patty. Your little corner is colourful and cozy and I like the lived in look. Blessings, Pamela

  14. I love the colors you have in your living room. So cheery. I especially like the last picture in the post with the tea cup and pitcher. You have a wonderful sense of what goes together.


  15. I agree with what you say about decorating with what you have and what you love...I never had the money to be trendy...I make all of my pillow cover and table mats and toppers...I love your cottage...cute, colorful and very real!!

  16. "... don't you think that sometimes trends change just for the sake of getting us to buy new stuff"

    Of course this is true! And modern, American-style capitalism doesn't work without lots of discretionary spending on new things.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of people to do that while the rest of us enjoy what we love regardless of what's en vogue. I love your house. It looks so comfortable and beautiful.

  17. Patty- I am with you- I don't do fads (anymore-although I did when I was young). There is such pleasure in holding onto, and using, what we love and what feels right to us. I find that there are paintings I had 30 years ago that are as fresh to me today as they were then. You are on the right track and I LOVE all your pops of color and that TV stand- xo Diana

  18. I agree with you. I remember looking for a property around here and going into a number of houses and they all had the same sofas, the same furniture, the same colours on the wall, the same blinds etc etc, no individuality at all. Shabby chic has become a bit of a trend for some, but they go out and buy it ready made?! An old piece of furniture that holds memories of times gone by, given a new lease of life with a new handle or a lick of paint wins with me every time. Chel x

  19. Have I told you this before...? Every time one of your posts comes up in my reader, I click on it to come here directly. I want to see all of your wonderful pictures as big as I can get them. I love your sense of color, your collections -- all of it. Your room is so homey, and welcoming. Thanks for always sharing such colorful inspiration with us! ~Sally

  20. I just love this room so much, and I'm so excited to see it all! Love the color and the vintage sheets and all the homemade cottagey touches. I have been waiting since you first showed the vintage sheets, and I love that you dived in and did it! Really really cute. ~Angela~

  21. Hi Patty, I just love a home that reflects a family's personality! Trends are just that....trends. Decorating with things and colors that you love speak 'home' to me. I have things in my home that I have had for many, many years. I just move them around or add a new accessory here or there. I love your beautiful orange flowered pillow! When I was a teenager, my bedroom was decorated in yellow and orange - those colors make me so happy! Your home is so welcoming.
    Thank you for visiting...I am following. Your newest friend, Karen xxoo

  22. I love all the color in your home, and it looks so comfortable. I could never live in an all-white decor house that seems to be a trend right now with some people. (Not knocking that; just saying it's not for me.) I have to have color in my life, and that includes my home. I'm one of those that loves owls, but not because they're a trend right now - I've always liked them. ;-)

  23. Your space is lovely and oh, so cozy looking. Makes me want to curl up and take a nap.

    I think a few bloggers were on the same page recently. I blogged Monday about the, seemingly, frantic need in blogland to constantly "improve" things that really are perfect just as they are. I live a simple lifestyle and enjoy simple things, old and worn.

  24. Hi Patty,

    I am so with you on this,I do think they change directions for us to buy and buy and buy. I love the all white decorating and really thought about it for me but I love color way too much. I have lots of furniture I will be painting white but not everything in every your pillows.

    You are so lucky that you get to go to the Rose Bowl flea market!

  25. I love seeing a home that reflects the person who lives there.

  26. Love all your wonderful spots of color! Visiting from the B Farm and now following you!

  27. I absolutely love this room. The colors are beautiful, but there is something I can't quite put my finger on that I like about it. It so comfort looking I guess.


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