the flea market


I ventured out to the Rose Bowl flea market last Sunday and all I can say is Holy Moley!  What a sensory overload of good stuff.

My sister in law is an old pro at it so she was my tour guide.  She showed me all her favorite vendors and kind of let me wander and gape to my hearts content.

There was just so much to take in.  I went with a limited amount of cash and I knew when it was gone, it was gone.

I think I spent 90 % of my money on the first four rows and clutched the other 10% for dear life just in case I saw some thing I just had to have a little further along.

I actually spent the last two dollars in my pocket as we were heading toward the exit!  Next time, (and there will most certainly be a next time very soon)

I. need. to. pace. myself.

That being said, I just love what I bought.  Not even a bit of buyers remorse...

I left plenty of great stuff behind for the next time, too. (wink, wink)

You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what I brought home.

Do you have any great flea markets in your neck of the woods?  Are they worth a road trip from Southern California?

xo, Patty

btw...I will have a few of the bunting banner kits for sale, I'm just not sure how many.  If you would like one, send me and email and I will add you to the list.


  1. Oh my what a lot of goodies! Very hard to find worth while stuff round here at the moment, if l do find something it's generally overpriced. One can make a good bargain on the internet...but that's just not the same though. Would have loved to visit your flea market!! Sadly MUCH too far away :-). Look forward to see your purchases! Hope your weekend is a lovely one. Pam x

  2. First things first - I love your blog header - all the items would fit right in at my house.

    I have never been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, but my sister is a pro. I really need to go and I need her to be with me like you had your sister. Last time I went to a flea market (Ventura) I controlled my spending by riding my bike. Everything I bought had to fit into my bike basket.

    Can't wait until tomorrow to see what you bought.

    Enjoy the lovely day that is shaping up in southern California.

  3. I went there when I was visiting LA. I packed what I could, but because of flying, it was limited. It is the ultimate flea market ever! I want to visit Round Top in TX, but will drive the day and 1/2 for that one!

  4. We have a huge indoor flea market that is this weekend that we have never been to, but we plan to make the hour trip there tomorrow to check it out. Can't wait to see what treasures you picked up.

  5. O my, the Rose Bowl flea market..... I go frequently and yes, you do need a lot of cash. I am going again in March for my birthday. Can't wait to see what you bought.
    blessings to you.

  6. I have always wanted to check out that swap meet, everyone that goes loves it and become regulars :-) Can't wait to see what you purchased!


  7. I know that I would have bought that turquoise / aqua pyrex bowl !

  8. I was excited to see your were there when I saw the pics on IG. We have perfectly horrid flea markets in the south.

    1. Here in Oklahoma, HORRID as well. :) The only thing you'll go home with here is whatever bug is going around. lol I stay away.

  9. Oh- We don't have ANY flea markets around here- You lucky girl!!! xo Diana

  10. Patty,
    I think if I ever attended one, I'd be broke after the first vendor...if it is anything like what you've shown us here!!! Ha!
    I'll be back to ooh and aah over your newest treasure trove!!!

  11. I have to say dido to what Diana said. Oh, I wish that we had something like that within a 50 mile trip from here. . . but no. I'll be back to see what you purchased :) I'm even excited . . . it is fun to see other blogging sister's found treasures :)
    Sending you a big wave from the Pacific Northwest, Connie :)

  12. You're teasing us again!!!
    ; ) Kris

  13. What a fun day, I cant wait to see what you got:)

  14. Oh how fun! I would have no idea how to pace myself!! Everything looked so wonderful! I think there is a big flea market near me in Alameda California, but I have never gone! Geez! I need to do it! It's an Antique faire. I just looked it up's on March 3 Rd!! lol Hum! :)

  15. Nothing that great here in our state. I wish.
    Can't wait to see what you brought home.

  16. Wow, Patty, look at all that great stuff!

    So glad you had a wonderful time. By the way, I never have learned how to pace myself. Ha.


  17. I'm in love with that dresser! I want to see all the goodies.

  18. Oh my, but this does look like fun. We only have one flea market around here in May. I envy you! Kit

  19. I only wish I were in CA to go to that flea market! One of the wonderful flea markets we have here in Illinois is Kane Co. Flea Market. Don't think you'd want to make the hike from CA though. ;-) Can't wait to see what you got!

  20. I'm absolutely Green with Envy! *Winks* What great Junquing Treasures... I probably would have left without a cent left in my pocket! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. Oh, such memories this post brought back. It has been years since I have been to the Rose Bowl. Used to go almost every month. That and the Long Beach City College one. One was the 2nd weekend of the month and the other the 3rd weekend. I had a friend who sold vintage linens at both for years. She now has Aunt Fanny's Emporium in Long Beach.
    I can imagine how excited you were and it looks like there was an abundance of treasures to choose from. It's a big place and I don't know if I could walk it all now. I do good to get through Venura Swap once in a while.


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