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Okay, let's talk.  I love reading your comments, they really do make me think.  You've convinced me that I need to cut myself some slack.  Why is it that we women expect so much more out of ourselves than we do others?

I would never dream of asking you why you've had nothing hanging over your sofa for over a year now.  Nor would I point out that one of the drapery panels you made for the living room was hung with the pattern upside down.  How about those frames you painted red above the mantel?  I certainly wouldn't point out to you that they just aren't working for me anymore.

Yet, these are the things that can keep me from enjoying my cup of afternoon tea and a good book, if I'm not careful.  My mind can wander to my to do list quicker than anything.

Taking the time to enjoy the life we are trying to create is so much more important than checking one more project off our to do list.

I say we give ourselves permission to take the weekend off and just relax...sit on the porch, have another cup of coffee, visit a friend, read a good book or even immerse ourselves in Lifetime or Hallmark channel for a movie or two.  What is it that you would love to do, if you just didn't have so much to do?  I say...let's just do it.

xo, Patty


  1. I am 60 now & I gave up on perfection about 10 years ago!! LOL!! Perfection is for those who think they can ....
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  2. This week-end will be filled with family gatherings as we celebrate the THREE birthdays that have fallen in this week! I have baked two cakes - one for The Husband as today is his birthday - and the other for our first born, who arrived on MY birthday, which was Wednesday! Seems like there is a cake missing somewhere.:-)

  3. I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger for weeks now. I would give anything for a little time off. But that is not likely to happen any time soon. So instead of that, perhaps I can hope for a day to go visit my favorite little getaway. Glen Ivy Hot Springs. I have 150 dollars in gift certificates to go. Hopefully soon. Very soon!!!

  4. Great post.. and I give you an 'AMEN'!

    I always say that life is too short for 'coulda, woulda, shoulds's'.

    Just do :)
    And enjoy the journey while you're at it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.. I know I'm going to.

  5. Yes....let's go for it....after I've just this..... Joan

  6. I couldn't agree more, Patty. If I was home this weekend, I would just spend time with family and friends. Hope you get to do just what you want this weekend. I know you have a special little guys birthday. I hope to sit outside my RV and enjoy the sounds of the campground...birds, and kids playing, fires crackling, and water splashing...all while I either do handwork or read.

  7. I really wish I could take your advice, Patty but am in the tear it apart phase on cleaning up my rental. While that is going on, my own house is becoming a huge mess! I'd be curled up with a book if I could. ~ Maureen

  8. Yes, as women, we do expect much more of ourselves than others. I am struggling with the "can't get it all dones" too! It seems that I have reached a place in my life where my daughter is grown, my parents are older and need to be seen about and life seems more stressful than it has at any other time in my life!!! sometimes I have to give myself permission to breathe because there is so much to do everyday! I just can't get it all done and it is overwhelming sometimes! So If I could do anything that I wanted to this weekend, I would sit on my new screened back porch with a big glass of sweet tea, and a good book and watch the chickens, goats, ducks, and cats play, and listen to the sounds of the breezes blowing gently in the trees, even if it was only for an hour! That is my dream for the weekend! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Yes, I agree with everything! I stress about alot of stuff in our home and appears no one else worries about it. I would love to sit and read a good book with out the worrying! Great post!

  10. Amen...Life seems to be running on full speed ahead at all times around here. I am ready for a break just to sit back and relax, even if it is for a weekend. Let's see, If I could do anything I wanted this weekend (which will not be happening) I would just sit in the back yard, do some grilling, spend time with the family and just enjoy what we've gotten accomplished thus far.
    Maybe someday soon.
    Have a great weekend! :0)

  11. Men aren't expected to be doing something all the time. They come home and on weekends watch TV, make mow the yard. I've stopped feeling guilty over some dust gathering. Course I don't have to worry about a man being around any more either!

  12. We really do make our own pressures don't we?
    I think this is a great idea - have a weekend doing just what we want to. The other things will still be there next week to do.

  13. Someone very wise counseled me several years ago to "have compassion for myself". That transformed my life. I was always judging myself and never giving myself a break.
    It's a much more peaceful way to live, having compassion for oneself as well as for others.

  14. Patty,
    Just last weekend...I went to visit my Dad. While I was there, I had the opportunity to visit my best friend and her 99 year old mother. As we began our journey to their home, we learned that the mother was in the hospital. We could have begun our 3 1/2 hour home...instead we drove to the hospital to visit my friend and her mother. It was the sweetest visit for us. Last rites had been given, prayers had been said...and yet, my friend is returning her mother to the family farm tomorrow morning with renewed and returning health. I am so glad that my "to do" list was silenced my the love for my friend and her mother that lives in my heart!!! Your post was right on target!

  15. I used to struggle with perfecting perfection!
    Seriously . . . And sometimes I find myself reverting to that behavior only to remind myself . . . NOT. Now at almost 73 I look back and treasure the unexpected, the spontaneous, the surprises . . . so much so that i realize the energy I one day put into making it perfect never created a moment equal to my imagining.

    I encourage moms and young women to choose some quiet for their day. To not run life like a race but to walk with life beside.

  16. Oh - I have always struggled with being a perfectionist! I am better now than I used to be. I have a hard tine relaxing because I feel guilty. Maybe it was growing up on a farm as a kid where there was always work to be done. I love to drive...when I drive I relax and the cares of the world drop away as I take in the beauty of unknown roads. Blessings- xo Diana

  17. Okay time to visit this friend. I hope soon. I have been wanting to tell you and have not seen you that you really need to give yourself WAY more time. You are still reeling whether you realize it or not. It is all not okay and no everything is not back to normal. How could it be after losing your beloved dad. I think you are a very strong person but if you don't allow yourself to take time to heal from this is will come back to get you later. I know from experience. I wish someone had told me that when my folks passed but none of my friends had lost parents yet.

  18. Wonderful post! I try to remember to have "do nothing" weekends.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch, Patty.
    Happy Weekend!

  19. AMEN TO THAT! Weekend mornings are for me time for me and my cup of tea.....I love that my kids are young adults...On Saturdays when everyone gets up we eat have our big family breakfast chat on our full stomachs and eventually return to our private spaces or do our own things...and meet again later...weather it's for dinner or a movie rental....On Sunday's everyone seems to sleep in even later...it's perfectly fine with me I can just relax or take in a yard sale in town get back, fit it into my decor and when everyone wakes they are amazed by my finds and ask me about my journey shake their heads and are amazed about how I used my time while everyone was catching some zzzzz's.....

  20. This weekend is full on for me. Hubbies birthday. All the family for lunch and tea Saturday, just got through that. Table all reset again for tomorrow,Sunday for friends coming for lunch. Just taking a breather on here. But next Saturday we are off interstate for 2 and a half lovely weeks holidays. xx enjoy your weekend off.I will certainly take your good advice on board.

  21. I would take your advice, Patty, if only I had not let some things slide until this weekend. Enjoy your relaxation time. I intend to mix some "doing" with some "reading".

  22. After 32 years of teaching and living a large part of my working day listening to a bell, I try so hard most days to guard my time.

    The problem is my mind keeps racing even when my body isn't.

    The wisest thing a friend said to me once was 'whose standard is it'?

    You just relax.

    You have had a lot lately.

    This is your time.

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  23. Quilt, quilt, quilt . . .
    Scheduling time to relax is a good thing.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  24. Patty, I think a lot of this rush comes from blogging. I've yet to talk to a blogging friend who says they don't go to bed at night worrying about the e-mails unanswered, the projects unfinished, or the comments left to do. I think it's quite sad that so many of us feel so pressure to keep up.

    Not too long ago, I was forced to take time off due to computer issues and realized how nice it was not to be tied down to my blog and computer every moment.

    Since then, I've tried to make a point to take one or two days off and not worry too much abut anything. Even that short amount of time can make a huge difference.

    By the way, you were featured on My Saturday Picks today.

    I hope you take your own advice and have yourself some fun tomorrow!

  25. Amen!!!!!!
    I totally, completely agree
    Thank you
    Lots of love Karen x

  26. So excited about finding your blog all the way from Florida! Hope you'll visit mine too. :)
    betty@ southern grace

  27. Ahhh...to-do list, they are such a thorn in the side...put that thing down for at least one day a week and go smell some roses. ))smiles))

  28. Relax and READ! Which I have been doing a little bit this weekend. :-)

  29. When I visit here, I only think about how gifted you are to even think of all the beauty you create and share. I never think of what you should change or do differently. I pray that you will find time to relax, and that you will enjoy every moment of that time.


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