spring forward


I have been busy tucking bits of Spring in around the cottage.

The weather has been a bit fickle but it certainly isn't enough to deter me from thinking Spring.

I find the older I get the longer it takes me to "spring forward".  It is so much easier to "fall back".  Don't you agree?  I certainly do appreciate the extra hour of daylight, that's for sure.

It has been so fun seeing Spring show up in the garden.  There are blossoms on the fruit trees and the first signs of radishes, lettuce and carrots are showing up in my winter vegetable garden.  I even have a few green strawberries teasing me with the promise of their sweet taste.

Now if we could just string together a few warm days in a row...

xo, Patty


  1. Patty I love the patchwork plate.
    That just great for us quilters.
    spring has arrived at The Lemon Lane Cottage..Linda

  2. I luv Spring decorating!!! Looks great!!!


  3. I am not taking this change of time too well here. The spring forward on the clock is hard this year.

  4. Great Spring look, the plate is just adorable. I think Spring is on its way it should be long before warmer days out number the cold ones:)

  5. Patty ~ your spring touches are just wonderful. A perfect spring pick me up ;-)

  6. I've been in bed early every night this week. I always have a hard time with the time change.

  7. I agree, tis harder now to adjust to time change. Love your Spring touches! It is supposed to rain heavily this weekend. No outdoor projects I guess. I was going to plant my garden too. DARN!! Have a great rest of the week!

  8. Hi Patty, such lovely and delicate touches.

    This time change is giving me fits. It will take me about two weeks to adjust. Yikes.


  9. I love your spring decorations- so lovely! It has actually been quite warm here, so it is very nice. Hopefully the warm weather will reach you! It is nice seeing the flowers starting to bloom!

  10. I'm just the opposite. I find it harder to adjust with the fall time change. I wish we would just split the difference. Change the time to the half hour mark and leave it at that. Switching back and forth is getting to be harder to adjust to as I get older.
    Yikes! LOL. Take care.

  11. Such happy feeling Spring decor!
    I love it !!

    We've been having warmer weather here in our part of Utah.
    Just a few tulips are starting to break through the soil.

    Love this time of year :)

    Thanks for sharing your cute decor with us :)

  12. It always takes me a week or two to adjust to any of these time changes. I just wished we'd stick to one!

    Love your spring decorating!

  13. Spring decor is just light, airy and good for the soul. :-))

  14. Patty
    A well written post!
    I like your spring vignette!
    It was 58 here today, but I think we're just being teased. It will probably snow next week!

  15. We are having marvellous weather here and it's so great to be working in the yard! You've done a great job of creating spring inside your home! ~ Maureen

  16. I like your spring touches . . . we are having record breaking warmth along Michigan's western lake shore and inland of 70-80 degree weather. Reports last evening were that this is the warmest it has been since weather records have been kept . . . not spring . . . it is summer! Last year at this time we had a couple feet of snow on the ground . . .

  17. Great display! We are having crazy warm weather right now.
    Green tips are popping up all over our flower beds. It's very exciting!

  18. Love your spring accessories! I just did a posting on Spring forward too on March 10th and finally started getting my spring accessories out. I'm a new follower. Looking forward to hearing about your gardening adventures this summer.



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