red tomatoes


My grandson and I have been working on our story telling skills.  We take turns adding details to very silly stories.  At three years old our stories usually start out with a color and something that is that color.  For instance, he'll pick the color red and name tomatoes. 

That will lead to tomatoes rolling down the street into the ocean and somehow sharks will enter the picture, (they always do) and we'll roll faster and faster and just as we're about to be caught, a red train (James with his shiny red coat to be specific) will show up and rescue the tomatoes and deliver us back home safely.

That's one of the wonderful things about being gramma,  enjoying more nothing time.  You know, that time when there really isn't anything to do that can't wait till later.

When I was mom, that nothing time was always filled up with dishes and laundry and a hundred other little tasks that took priority.

This is definitely one of the areas where with age comes wisdom.

Story telling is one our favorite front porch activities...that and calling out the colors of the cars as they go by.  Silly little nothing time activities...

I know the laundry won't wait forever but every day should have a little nothing time in it.  How do you fill yours?


  1. Your tomatoes look fabulous and the story time sounds just as fabulous.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. My tomatoes did roll down the street but a critter did the damage! My neighbor camr over yesterday telling me that he keeps finding half eaten tomatoes in his yard. I'm thinking a racoon or another fetter is stealing tomatoes. How funny is that!

  3. I can smell that basil now. I love the abundance of fresh from the garden summer produce.

  4. So true!! I see bruschetta in your future with all that basil and tomatoes.

  5. Sound like a wonderful time...Tomatoes look great..wish mind would hurry's late August already and they should have been cherry ones are just appearing..humm. I finally got one salad one turn red and a few more coming..but they are going slow..or weather just made things not grown good. spending time with grandchildren is the best time... Laundry can wait a little bit.

  6. Using our imaginations with our grandchildren is the most fun! And there is nothing better than diced up tomatoes with alittle olive oil, garlic and balsamic piled high atop crunchy italian bread! Yum!

  7. What lovely photos to go with your "shark" stories!

  8. It's amazing what age brings. I think I was a good mother, but I know I'm a great grandmother now because I'm taking all the things I learned as a mother (the hard way & with too little patience) and I'm putting them into practice as a Mimi. It's those little moments that are so precious and fleeting.


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