decisions, decisions


With summer winding down I have a desire to turn my focus from outside to inside.  It seems like a good time to tackle the many unfinished projects here at Lemon Lane Cottage. 

I am in search of just the right inspiration piece to jump start my living room makeover.  I also need to make a final decision whether or not to replace the carpet or extend the wood flooring from the dining room. 

On the one hand, I love the look of wood but on the other hand I love the comfort of carpet.  I am hoping to have the floors done in September so that I can finish the room before the holidays so a decision needs to be made sooner rather than later...

Just curious, what do you think?  Carpet or hardwood?


  1. I love my wood floors. You could always put wonderful area rugs in the living room. The great thing about that is they are much easier to replace when you get tired of them or they get too dirty.
    Changing the area rug totally changes the room.

  2. Extend the wood! Your wood floors are so pretty you won't be sorry and then get a big cozy area rug that you can send out to be cleaned if anyone ever gets in the cooking oil again. ;)

  3. First of all, your blog is so Pretty!

    Secondly, I wish that I would have done all wood floors because there are no carpet stains. Ha ha, but I like the feel of carpet...

    Third, thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog. I am trying to jump back into blogging with both feet, but I am still stuck in the lazy summer mode...
    Enjoy your day!!! Joyce

  4. I like the look of wood, but for a living space, I'd consider your lifestyle before getting it. Our house would have looked better with wood, but we have dogs and move furniture around all the time. It was more practical for us to get tile.

    If you like the look of wood, but the feel of carpet, you could do the wood and with a large area rug.

    However, in shopping for carpet in the areas where we have it in our house, there are a lot of new types of carpet that look a lot better these days. Many places will let you rent a large sample to take home and see what would work for you. Maybe try that option before making a decision!

  5. Love wood floors! I'd do wood floors and if you like add a center area rug! Can't wait to seeeeeeee!!!

  6. I love my hardwood. I never felt my floors were really clean with carpet.

  7. I would say wood with a pretty area rug on top of it. That way you have the coziness of the carpet, with the elegance of the hardwood. Best of both worlds.

    PS, is that basil in the jar? It looks so nice that way. I bet it smells heavenly too... :)

  8. Definitely wood! You can buy beautiful rugs in different textures, colors and styles to change out with the seasons. Hope your week is great! Tammy

  9. Hardwood for sure with a lovely area rug for comfort.

  10. Wood floors are loveliest- just be certain you can match the wood, or go carpet.


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