little touches


I've noticed that what draws me into a home are the little touches.  Those little spaces that you tuck your treasures into...a collection of vintage glasses, perhaps.

Stacks of plates on the sideboard or those adorable coffee bars that I'm just itching to create...

The mish mash of found objects that speak of who you are and what you cherish...

Imperfect bouquets from the garden in make shift vases and old ball jars, especially those gorgeous aqua blue ones I'm in search of.

It's the little touches that make a house a home.

Happy Weekend!

I'm joining
LaurieAnna's Farmhouse Friday


  1. I love your glassware. I have many of the same stuff packed away. This makes me want to get them out for display!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So, so true! I love the little touches, too. Yours cheered me a lot this morning. So bright and sunny =)

  3. I love all those little juice glasses , they remind me of my childhood .

  4. I, too, enjoy little touches.

    But I have recently discovered that I love clean simple spaces too. For years I had so much stuff that it spilled out everywhere. Now I don't seem to have the energy to maintain it all and we have started shedding some stuff. But what I discovered was, that less really is more. Now when I add touches here and there, they stand out more and are noticed.

    I do love the glassware you featured. Lovely to look at.

  5. The displays of your collectibles are so cheerful!

  6. I always say that imperfections make things all the more charming.


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