August around the cottage


I'm having trouble starting a blog post without referring to time passing quickly.  I'm afraid it may be an age thing so I will refrain from mentioning the fact that it is August already and summer is nearly over...except if you live in Southern California and have two or three more months of hot weather ahead.

It's been a while since I shared pictures of the cottage mostly because not much has changed around here but also because it is difficult to find a time when there are not legos, trains, papers, dirty glasses and all manner of stuff on every flat surface.  Just being real.  While small homes may breed close families, they also breed a never ending amount of clutter.

I fight the good fight in trying to keep up with it, nagging encouraging everyone to pick up after themselves but to a certain extent I have just accepted that a noisy family of five lives here and it will not always or even mostly always be neat and tidy.

I am ready to start transitioning to fall decor, which is my favorite, in the next few weeks.  I have in mind a couple of new pillows for the sofa and a pretty new quilt for the living room.

But for now we are just enjoying this last full week of summer break, noise, clutter and all.

Happy August!

xo, Patty


  1. Patty,
    Your Cottage Home is charming, as always, dear friend!!!
    I love the bursts of color throughout!!!
    We, too, are enjoying Summer, but I, too, have thoughts of
    Autumn, sweatshirts, evening bon fires and S'mores on my mind!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and visit recently, dear one!!!

  2. I so enjoy looking at your lovely cottage! I especially love your white rooster. 😊

  3. Enjoyed seeing the inside of your cottage - love those windows with the criss cross panes in them.. and love your white shelves. Enjoy your "close" family arrangement while you can - it IS hard sometimes, but you will look back with fond memories. I speak from experience!

  4. Southeast Texas is right with you on that hit weather thing.

  5. Patty your cottage is darling. I understand what you mean about the clutter though. Try as might, it's never ending, even with a grown child living here.



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