a fresh start


My grandson and I had a hard day yesterday.  He is in 2nd grade now and his mouth has taken a turn to the sassy side.  After a few more warnings than I should have given he ended up going to bed after his shower, an hour before his scheduled bedtime, with no dessert or his treasured half hour of television.

I could hear the sobs coming from his room as I cleaned up the dinner mess in the kitchen. I knew how upset he was over both losing out on his evening time but also in having disappointed me. Before he drifted off to sleep I went in to assure him that I loved him and that there was nothing in the world that he could ever do that would change that.  I might be disappointed in his choices or even angry when he disobeys but I would always love him.  I also reminded him that with the morning always comes the chance to begin again with a fresh start.

It occurred to me how much we as adults need to hear those same words and rest in that truth.  We too have Someone who gives us room to roam and who loves us enough to discipline us when we stray too far but who is all about fresh beginnings.  Someone who says he will never abandon us or forsake us.  Someone who promises no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

I thought maybe you might need that little reminder, too.

I tried my best to think a way of weaving this patchwork bag I made into the story but just couldn't do it, ha, ha!  Have a great weekend.

xo, Patty


  1. Exactly true what you told your grandson; you will always love him and tomorrow he (and we) start fresh. What a pretty bag, I am guessing you made it.

  2. What a good grandma you are. He will remember that lesson and know that you love him always. If we didn't make mistakes we would never have a chance for such good lessons. Your bag is lovely . . . but then your work reflects who you are :)

  3. What a beautiful bag and message. God is so good!


  4. Patty, Our lives are like patchwork...a bit of this and a bit of that and lots of stitching it all together. Taking care with all the pieces and it looks very nice with lots of love. I like what you told yourg.son. Blessings to you sweet Patty. xoxo,Susie

  5. What a wise and wonderful grandma you are, Patty. I am glad you shared this because you are so right that we adults need to be reminded of His mercy, too. The bag is darling and you do such nice work. I also liked seeing the books in your previous post, especially Sweet Tweets. Will look forward to seeing what all you share from your books. Blessings, Bess

  6. Thanks for the story, and the sweet reminder. LOVE that bag!!!

  7. I love the bag and the sweet wisdom! Yes, praise God for new mornings and fresh starts!

  8. Patty,
    I know your heart was breaking too. . .hearing his sobs. . .
    Children need to know limits and that they are forgiven.
    You, dear friend, provided both.
    The first full week of school is extremely trying on children.
    Rest and nutrition are so~o~o important.
    I remember during reading time (after lunch) many of our
    students would slip off to sleep for a few minutes. . .
    we all need a "cat nap" now and then.
    By the second week, those students were ready and able to
    guess what would come "next" in the Chapter Book!!!
    The bag is adorable!!!

  9. Poor little nipper! Being a Grandma, when they live with us, means we have to also discipline. I, like you, have to do this with Noah from time to time. I breaks my heart to hear him cry.
    Miss you.
    xo Kris

  10. I remember those days from when my kids were little. I hated hearing them cry, so I'd go in and reassure them too. You're a wonderful grandma :)



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