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We are battling ants here big time.  It seems like every time I gain control of the them in one area of the house, they pop up somewhere else.  They are tenacious little critters I will give them that much. I have really been trying not to spray poison in the house but I must confess I have resorted to it these last few outbreaks.

I am open for any natural (or at this point, unnatural) suggestions on how to keep them out.

In other news, I was able to spend nearly the entire weekend in my sewing room.  I caught up on a few ongoing projects and started a couple of more.  I know I said I was going to try not to start anything else but at my age when the ideas come you better get on them toot sweet or they may never return again.  (Can I get an amen from the mature crowd?)

The garden is a hot mess right now.  It is just so darn hot and even with morning and afternoon watering things are really wilted.  Even the tomatoes have given up the ghost.  At this point I'm really just trying to keep the perennials alive for next year.

I did manage to declutter the living room by removing any unnecessary toys, rearranging and organizing book shelves and fluffing up the pillows.  It's amazing what a difference just that little bit of effort can make in how you feel about a room.  Now I can't wait to get it ready for fall in a couple of weeks.

I guess that's enough randomness for one post.  Anything fun going on where you are?

xo Patty


  1. Google oringinal blue dawn dish detergent - there is a remedy for ants and it has always worked for me. Good luck!

  2. We have an "ant season" in May when it's really rainy. I spray the foundation along the outside of the house with an insecticide. You might follow their trail to see where they are coming in. I've found them coming in through gaps in the door frame (recaulk the trim) and through the electrical outlets along the exterior wall in the kitchen (use a little bug spray around them). When I find a just few here and there, I blast them with Windex, then quickly wipe. Once the hot, dry weather sets in, they disappear in the house.

  3. Patty, I looked on line...there's many ways to get rid of ants..spritz them with water with a drop of dish soap..then cleans any scent trails they leave for other to follow. . I love your little quilt pieces. Cleaning is something we have to do all the time. I am doing well to keep my newspaper cleared from daily readings. LOL It's easy for things to pile up, isn't it honey? You made me smile when you said you would start showing your fashions put togethers when it got cooler out. Thank you ! Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I always have good luck with the little ant traps you can pick up most anywhere. Love your quilt blocks! Are you making a full size quilt with them or something else?

  5. Im on a mission to do the pumpkin square this week and make a table runner using it. Got all the fabric washed today :) I love your patchwork with the embroidery center, it's so darling.

  6. Your blocks are beautiful. In the cold weather I will turn to sewing and crochet.

  7. Love those 36patch blocks with the pretty embroidered centres. They will make a lovely quilt. If we have ants outside I pour boling hot water over them. Inside you can use a gel-like product that the ants go crazy for, they take bits of it back to their nests and then it kills them all off.

  8. I don't have any remedies for the ants. They can be dreadful little things, but I am just loving ALL of the little projects in hut pictures. Inspiring me!

  9. I had ants coming in under some baseboard in our bathroom.... so I sprinkled some Comet there and they eventually disappeared. I'm sure they ate it and took it back and it killed them. I hate being so mean. I'm sure there are still more there waiting for spring, as that is when they usually multiply and start coming into the house! I love your quilt blocks with all the orange.. they are so cheerful and bright. And those ones with the embroidery in the middle - just darling! Makes me want to sew, which I haven't for awhile now.

  10. I use Taro (Terro?) can't remember how it's spelled, but it's a liquid that you put on a piece of cardboard where the ant problem is occurring. It has to be out of reach of children and pets though! The ants can't resist it, and at first it will seem like they are swarming it, but they take it back to the nest and within a couple days you realize they are gone.
    My garden is a mess right now too. I've been sick for the past week and I'm sure I have giant cucumber boats hanging from the vines and the basil must. be. picked. and made into pesto. I just can't make myself care quite yet. I'm glad you are getting some quilting done, it's going to be gorgeous!

  11. Diatomaceous Earth for the ants. It really works and is food grade so you don't have to worry about using a poison. It's a white powder and when the get it on them it will kill them. (Not instantly but in about 3 days to a week you will have noticeable fewer ants and in a couple of weeks they will be gone for good )
    Someone mentioned it to me years ago and it is such a relief to have something to use that really does work.
    I sprinkle it along the back of my counter tops when I first notice them in the spring and along my baseboards under the cabinets. I'll also sprinkle it around the foundation of the house and at the front door. I use those small glass par,Sean cheese shakers. Lol
    Anyway, I get it on amazon. Go on their site and read the many many glowing reviews.
    Good luck!
    P.S. love your blog :)

  12. Us toon having house sprayed first time ever, and I HATE to do it.
    Your blocks are all so cute!
    XO Kris

  13. Patty,
    I keep paper and pencil near every seat in the house to "jot" down my thoughts!!!
    Good luck with those ants, dear friend!!!
    "Mr. Ed" used a "gel" one year that worked well. . .can't remember, but purchased at Wal~Mart!!!
    Our lawn and gardens are still lush, green and the Herb Garden is still producing!!!
    Hang in there and keep watering. . .it will pay off in the l o n g run!!!
    I l o v e your creative boards!!! Those hues are "perfect" for Autumn!!!

  14. A Men! I love those squares with the embroidery in the center . . . Sew Adorable :)

  15. Love all your gorgeous patchwork blocks, Patty. Good luck beating those pesky ants!
    Helen xox


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