feeling settled


I had a dream (okay, a nightmare) last night that the water heater burst and we had hot water flooding the upstairs.  In my dream we were all sitting on the floor playing a board game, very Norman Rockwell like, when I saw smoke rising from the floor boards.  My husband pulled back the throw rug to find water buckling the wood.

I am not a person who dreams very often or at least I don't usually remember them, so waking up with this vivid memory has me thinking about what my dream was trying to tell me.

I started thinking about my life feeling pretty settled (in a good way) right now and realized that I don't trust the calm.  Given the changes in the last year, the ups and downs of this season in my life must have me waiting for the proverbial other shoe to fall or water heater to burst.

I don't like living that way because it squanders the time of peace with worry about the future.

"So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.  Today's trouble is enough for today"  Matthew 6:34

So today, I'm going make a conscious decision to appreciate the calmness of life right now and if (and when) trouble comes I'll deal with it then.  Today I'm heading back up to my craft studio, closing the door and sewing the day away.

xo, Patty


  1. Sometimes you have to just grab that Peace and force the worry aside. It's a useless exercise anyway. Too bad we can't be overcome with feelings of how good life is going to be instead of dread of the bad. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

  2. I never remember dreams either, but when I do they wake me up with a start. BTW I did get the Farm Girl Vintage book and have been making squares, I love the one you are showing today. The orange is a perfect color.

  3. I hope you will enjoy peace & calm today! I like your teapot quilt block and wonder what pattern you used?

  4. Love this quote: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

  5. Oh, Patty, I can totally relate to doing that very thing! This kind of thinking definitely robs us of the joy of today, doesn't it? I'm glad you posted that scripture because it's there because God knew we would need it. One day at a time and don't borrow trouble :)

  6. I do that very same thing.
    that worry... DOES rob of us peace.
    I am like you though on the dreams, I often wonder, what is the LORD saying to me while I sleep?

  7. Love your teapot! Is there a good book you would recommend for beginners?


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