the specifics and fashion Wednesday


I can't believe it's been a couple of Wednesdays since I posted last.  For all my planning to have a nice quiet December it has actually been a busy one.  Good busy, but busy none the less.

With my fashion challenge officially over I debated whether or not to continue on with Fashion Wednesday but I am actually kind of liking clothes again so I think it will become a regular feature in the new year.  Yes, I said "new year".  I know we haven't even celebrated Christmas yet but the first will be her before you know it and I love a new beginning.

Now on to fashion.  When I thought about continuing to post about fashion, more specifically fashion after 50, one of things that pushed me to continue was partly self serving.  It's that age old thing called accountability.  If I have to show you all the cute clothes out there and how more mature women can wear them, I kind of have to get dressed in more than my sweats and a t-shirt.  Another factor was how hard I found it to find pictures of how ordinary women looked in those pretty outfits I have pinned on my fashion pinterest board.

Just to set the record straight from the beginning, here are a few of my specific body issues.  (Come on, we all have them.)

I am 5'3'' tall (on a good day, if I stand up real straight) and I wear between a size 10 -12 petite.  I am pear shaped with narrow shoulders and wider hips.  Depending on who you ask, I am either lucky or cursed to be small busted and my rear end, which used to be my best feature, is now not quite as perky as it used to be.  My small waist has widened as I've aged and my normally flat stomach now has a trendy baby bump, which is strange because I never gave birth to a baby.  (My girls are adopted.)

I would like to lose 10 pounds and start a regular exercise program but I have decided that if I wait until I do I will never regain the confidence and sense of personal pride that dressing nicely brings.  So I've decided to love the body I have right now, all the while trying to make smart choices about what I put into it and to include physical activity as often as possible.

I do not have an unlimited budget so my clothes are a combination of new, thrifted and gifted.  I have learned what looks good on me and what does not.  I am more classic than trendy but don't want to look matronly so I am willing to try and incorporate a little of the current styles into what I wear in real life.  I don't work outside the home right now so my clothes are more casual.  I love accessories and use them everyday.  I am a visual person so I love to use pinterest and other blogs as a starting point.

I think that's a good start and probably more than you needed to know.  The outfit I am wearing in this post was for a get together with a few of my favorite girlfriends for a Christmas brunch.  I like the combination of lace and jeans in the pinterest picture and since I am not totally comfortable with skinny jeans, I love the flared boot cut jeans she's wearing.

I really like the lace top from The Loft that I'm wearing.  It is actually a T-shirt and super comfortable.  It was a bit of a splurge for me but I waited and snagged it at 50% off.  It was worth it, I know I will wear it a ton. (Bare with my photography skills, the timer on my camera and I are not the best of friends yet but we will work out our issues eventually.)

I loved fashion when I was younger but my busy life and extra weight allowed me to tell myself it wasn't important to dress nice.  Somehow by looking matronly or plain I was more pious than if I spent a little time and yes, money on myself.  I'm not buying that anymore.  Like most of life, it's all about priorities.  What about you?  Is it hard for you to focus on yourself in this way?

xo, Patty

Jeans - Levis from Kohls
Top - The Loft
Belt - Target
Booties - Macy's (my Christmas gift this year from my mom and I absolutely adore them!)
Necklace and earrings - Kohls
Watch - Walmart

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  1. Patty, you look fabulous and I'm so proud of you!! I love your fashion posts...keep it up. Did you see that Rhoda posted a fashion post today? Love my over 50 girls. ;)

    This past January I started Zumba with a girlfriend. If you want some exercise that's fun fun fun...give it a try. It's hard at first but the music makes me so happy that I'm always dying to go. :)

  2. I love this outfit so much! The necklace and booties make it! I really admire you doing fashion post over 50, because you have great taste and are not afraid to have fun! I like being reminded you adopted your daughters.. When I read that, I feel even more connected to you. :)
    Have the Merriest Christmas!

  3. Patty, what a wonderful post! I can totally appreciate everything you said in this post. Sounds like we are just about the same body type, and time has put its stamp on us. ;-) I need to do better in a.) taking care of myself... exercise and eating better and b.) wearing things that make me feel confident and pretty more often. I stay at home also, but that's no excuse to look disheveled. I'm going to pay more attention to these fashion posts you do, so I can see what real women look like in casual-chic clothes.You look beautiful. I love this outfit you are wearing too. Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I dithered over buying booties, but my fashionable daughter convinced me and I love them. I tend to play it safe, but need to try new styles more often.

  5. PattyI, I love the outfits you have put together!!! I missed the previous post, and just now read it. You are darling! I, like you, tend to put on my old go to comfies when I am just here around the house. But it always feel so nice to get spiffed up and go out. I sure hated to miss Shelly's yesterday! But I am eagerly anticipating seeing all of you at Elaine's on Saturday.
    Love you,

  6. I think you are beautiful. Inside and out. There's nothing you need to change.

  7. Patty, You will never see yourself as others see you. You are a beautiful girl. You are healthy, you don't have to be a size two to be healthy. LOL. I think you look sharp. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Patty, Please keep going with these fashion posts. You are adorable and inspiring me. I am 65, overweight and feeling frumpy. I don't want to feel like this anymore. Thanks for posting your shopping list. I love Kohls!


  9. Hi Patty!

    I am so happy I came across your blog through one of the link ups! You look fabulous in these photos and I am looking forward to following along in the future!

    I also LOVE Kohls! You can always find amazing deals there!

    Ginger Side of Life

  10. Me ha encantado tu post, tienes cosas muy interesantes, felicidades por tu bloc. Te invito a visitar el mio, esta semana ponemos espíritu navideño en el exterior, espero que te guste. Ah! Si no eres seguidora deseo que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.Te espero en

  11. What a fun post! You look great! I am your newest follower.
    Blessings, Beth

  12. I love your outfit posts!! Super cute top and necklace :) :) You inspire me!

  13. I love this post! You are starting to inspire me a little bit to get more into fashion and think more about myself with some nice clothes. Like you, I'm in my 50's (I'm 52) and not working outside the home right now. Menopause has not been good to my waist has really thickened plus I also don't have a flat tummy either. I do still have a shapely rear end - that has not flattened - but I'm also big busted, which I hate because it's very hard to find tops that fit me just right, especially since I have small shoulders. I love those boots you got and I wish I could wear shoes and boots like that now. but that's been another bad thing for me with growing older - my feet hurt very badly! I always have to wear super comfortable shoes. I guess I could wear boots like that when simply going to someone's house or to meet up for a girlfriend's outing, but definitely not for any kind of walking. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

  14. PS - I love your new header! Did you design and install it yourself?

  15. Oh, you look adorable! Sweet outfit and you wear it well! :)

  16. Love this post. I am going to look back at your others. I am so excited to see a normal over 50 year old try to dress in something cute that fits a real body. That is just what happens to our bodies as we age. I am petite and have that little tummy as well.
    It is hard trying to feel good in something when you hit that age with what I call menopausal weight gain:) Love seeing real pictures of a real woman rather than a young model!!!

  17. Patty, you look great! I am nearing that 50 mark and I too have started trying to love my body and dress up more. It is amazing how when you look great you feel better. I always enjoy coming here... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. This phrase makes me smile - more mature women.
    Not a bad place to be.

  19. You are stunning looking and have a great body.

  20. I have had a very hard time feeling that how I look is a priority. I have just begun to break down and actually buy more fashionable clothes and shoes. As a Stay at Home mom for many years there didn't seem to be a good reason to "dress up". I now know I just feel better about myself when I take care of how I look. I love that you are sharing this with us Patty. Clearly many of us have the same issues.


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