the seasons, they are a changing...


If it were possible to deny the end of summer is near, my grandson starting kindergarten yesterday just may dash the last hope of that not being true.  Yep, the seasons they are a changing...

The buzz in my craft room has definitely taken an autumn turn.

I was asked to teach at a good friends birthday party in a couple of weeks with her only request being that it be Halloween in theme.  My mind got to whirling and twirling and I came up with this cute and kind of spooky mixed media canvas.

The paper is from Graphic 45 and I love that it has just the right amount of cuteness to ghoulishness ratio. 

I am preparing a few of the party decorations as well and will be sharing those with you soon.

And for those of you wondering, grandma made it through the first day of kindergarten with only a few tears shed and a little bit of moping.  Grandboy on the other hand, had a wonderful day!

xo, Patty


  1. I love this! Is it all papers? How fun!!

  2. Really cute! How fun to do at a birthday party!


  3. Great fall looking paper project:) It will be fun for a party.

  4. LOVE the cute canvas! And SO glad that Grandboy had a wonderful first day of Kindergarten!!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Well of course there is a cuteness to ghoulishness ratio! Fab collage, gets me in the spirit!

  6. That is just darling- I love it-what a great memory keepsake. My little SweetCheeks goes off to first grade this year- I can hardly believe it- xo Diana

  7. It's fab, I love the owl and the pussy cat... there is definitely a feel of Autumn in the air ~ Sarah x

  8. Looks wonderful! Glad Grandma did okay. :) Kit

  9. Patty,
    Working on your crafts might be the best way to chase the "blues" away, dear friend!!!
    Just the right blend of cuteness without being too s c a r y for the changing Season!!!
    Clever crafting!!!

  10. Yay for Grandma...I've been there...done that...10 times...:)
    Love your colorful canvas.

  11. What a darling mixed media canvas! I didn't know you were still blogging. I didn't have your new blog address and saw you took a year off from the blog that I was following. Nice to find you again. :)


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