party prep and inspiration


I am hosting a pinterest like party next Friday night and thought it would be fun to show a little bit of the inspiration I am using for the décor and the projects will we be doing.  First for the décor...

Pinterest has made it so easy to come up with ideas and decorations for any event.  I love having people over and teaching, so having a party like this lets me pull out all the stops and do both.

To let everyone in on the fun (and to let me focus on the projects and décor) I am asking everyone to bring either a dessert or appetizer to share along with the recipe either written or printed for all to take home. 

I will prepare little doggie bags for the guests to take leftovers in along with a little recipe book so that they can make any food  they love later.

I'll be showing my version of all of this as the week progresses and of course, I will take plenty of pictures of the actual event to share with you afterward.

Want to come?

xo, Patty

The original sources for these great ideas can be found on my pinterest board Autumn Splendor.


  1. I am bringing an appy. I can't wait. What time? Love the sneak peak!!
    xo Kris

  2. I can't wait to see your version of all these great ideas.

  3. Can't wait to see all the pretties.....

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Trouble with me on Pinterest is that I would end up still pinning things when the guests arrive! xx

  5. These are all so pretty. My favorite is the stick candy . . . how cute is that :)

  6. Oh goodness! You are doing a fantastic job with all the decorating. Lovely. Oh, how I would love to come but too bad I live miles AND miles away :/

  7. Patty,
    Cute, cute, cute Autumn decor ideas!!!
    Love the candy corn candles and the candy sticks with Trick~or~Treat banners!!!
    Thanks for sharing your creative talents with us!!!

  8. Hello Patty, I like very very much your block. Congratulations. ¡¡¡¡

  9. I love the burlap table runner! What a great idea!


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