holding on to peace


Why is it so hard to hold on to peace?  Every time I think I have it, every time I think my trust is strong and my faith is firm something comes up to rob me of it.  After a sleepless night of useless worrying and imagining every “what if” scenario possible, I came to the Lord in my quiet time seeking peace and I found it in scripture.


Could the answer be this simple?  Do I simply need to ask him for it?  His Word says He will give it to me at all times and in every single situation.  Even the one I am facing right now.  Even the one you are facing right now.

His word is powerful and it is true and it works.  I came to Him with a heavy, worried heart over a situation that I have no control over.  I asked Him for peace with it and He gave it to me along with His assurance that He knows the outcome and He will bring good from it.  Somehow, someday, He will bring good, even out of this.   And that is all the assurance I need.

xo, Patty

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  1. yes! amen! I don't know why we wait so long to turn to Him when like you said the answer is so simple......turn to Him first. Thanks for the reminder....:)

  2. Oh my how this strikes true! With all the worrying and fretting it can be so hard to remember to asks for peace, why is that? I do the same thing you do, sleepless nights, brain churning all the (worst)possible scenarios! But yes, once I calm down enough to take it to Jesus he never disappoints. And yes, He does have it all under control.

  3. Worry keeps us up all night. Faith makes a soft pillow. :)

  4. Faith as big as a mustard seed that is all he asks of us. We all know the size of a

    mustard seed right.


  5. Thanks for the reminder... so needing it right now. Thanks for popping in and saying hi. Wishing you a lovely week.

  6. Perfect timing after 2 sleepless night here. Thanks
    I wish you peace for your situation.

    Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow troubles,
    It takes away today's peace.

  7. Philippians 4: vs 6-7 . Thank you for sharing this post and I wish you continued peace. Hugs xx

  8. Patty - (I may have already told you this - if so, sorry). My favorite thing written in the back of my Bible says "To worry is an insult to God". I know it's just human nature. We should just trust Him and let Him work it out. So much easier said than done.


  9. is it really that simple? It sure sounds that way, I cam by today with a heavy heart but now I have hope. Your words touched me today and I thank you. Hoping you find the peace you so desperately need. j

  10. Oh Patty thank you so much for posting this, you have no IDEA how much I needed to see this today. I"m going through so much right now that I am at the end of my rope. I just want to go to bed pull the covers over my head and stay there.. Thank you again for this wonderful and OH SO timely , for me, post..

  11. Yes, it is that simple. All you have to do is ask, and you will be amazed at the feeling that washes over you:)

  12. Patty, one of the things I did when my brother was dying was to say " I trust you, Jesus" and ask Him for help in the situation. Amazing how that simple line brought so much peace as it refocused me onto Him. God is so good. Hugs.

  13. Thank you, Sweet Girl!!! I needed that! I worry too much about my sweet girls....been working on that!! Just when I feel confident that peace is mine through Him...I am praying for it again !!!

    I love you Sweet Girl!!
    God Bless!! Thankful for your sweet posts and wisdom!

  14. Oh- I struggle with that issue, too, Patty. I turn it over to God and "let go" and then, the next minute I take the control of that issue back. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  15. Oh Patty. I am late to be reading blogs today. I think I may know what why your heart is heavy. I hope you did find the comfort you were looking for. And your words were a gently nudge for me too. I am such a worrier. And it really is not good. I need to open up my Bible and read it!!!

  16. Patty,
    I, too, many times still struggle with the "turning it over to Him".
    Once I finally "let go and Let God" have my situation,
    peace like a flowing river floods over my soul!!!
    I have faced some very difficult moments this year.
    During my devotional time in January, the word assurance
    kept coming to my mind. Not the word I thought for the Year,
    but now I know ( and see) that which God has prepared for me. . .
    assurance that I am His child, whatever befall me.
    We are so blessed to have His salvation, His peace, His assurance!
    Blessings to you today, dear friend!!!


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