a little burlap for fall


I headed over to Hobby Lobby with my friend Elaine this morning for a little fall decorating inspiration. 

There was so much to take in but we (yes, we both picked the same stuff) found this great burlap ribbon that they had made into a pretty fall wreath. 

Luckily everything  we needed was 40% off, so for less than $15.00 and few silk flowers that I had in storage from last fall, I have the fixings for my new front door wreath.

We made a date to work on them next week.  I'll take pictures as we go and try to put together a little tutorial to share later.

Have you started decorating for fall or are you waiting until there's a chill in the air?

xo, Patty

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  1. yes I am ready for fall. I pulled out some off white burlap yesterday. I want to make a new inspiration board. I need a new wreath too. good idea !

  2. My daughter and I were at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I picked up some burlap fabric as well as muslin to make a reversible table runner. I thought about buying one already made but decided I could make 3 for the same price. One for me, my mom and my daughter. :) It is still close to 100 every day here so although I am ready to start decorating, I'll wait for the temps to cool down some. I love the burlap flower. I must have missed those. Maybe I can make some. Even cheaper. ;)

  3. I can't wait to see the tutorial!!!
    Looks wonderful so far :-)


  4. I've been too busy on my kitchen. Funny, I just commented over at Elaines before I came here. Wish I lived close to you guys and could go too.

  5. I haven't been to Hobby Lobby since I was there with you. Love the burlap! Can't wait to see what you girls come up with. I am bringing a couple things out now. But will wait til next week to do more.
    xo Kris

  6. Oh- How cute, Patty. Did you see that thing on the news about Hobby Lobby? They are probably going to have to close. The president of HL was on there and said that it is because of the new insurance ruling which is forcing them to pay for abortions and the morning after pill. They are refusing to do it and the government is going to charge them 1.2 million every DAY they refuse to comply. He said they would close the doors first putting thousands of people out of work. xo Diana

  7. Love those and want to make some. How darn cute:)

  8. These are so fun! I'm in denial about fall.

  9. Oh...wish we had a Hobby Lobby...well maybe not, I could get into big trouble. Love those burlap flowers and will watch for you to show how you make them. Nope, haven't done any fall decorating yet, but sure am thinking about it and some cooler weather.

  10. Love those burlap sunflowers! Hopefully fall decorating will begin as soon as gets a little cooler.

  11. Patty,
    Love, love, love the burlap Sunflower!!!
    I'll be back soon to see the Autumnal Wreath!!!
    My Autumn decorating is nearing completion, dear friend!!!

  12. LOVE burlap! This is such a great idea! I look forward to autumn and decorating!


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