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It is always a little sad to see the beauty of Christmas come down each year.  The white twinkling lights and pretty ornaments add such cheer to our little cottage.  The oohs and aahs as we open up the boxes of decorations and lovingly find the perfect spot for them each year is such a perfect beginning to the holiday season. 

Even so, come the New Year I am always anxious to have order restored.  I love giving everything a good cleaning and placing our every day things back in place.

 This shelf of pretty glasses (some vintage, some new) reminds that there is still beauty in the ordinary.  Twinkling lights and special ornaments aren't the only way to bring cheer. 

That brings me to my question...

Do you use your pretty things or are your ordinary everyday dishes just that...ordinary?

I have to admit sometimes I forget to pull down a pretty glass for a drink of water or my favorite mug for my morning coffee. 

Not this year.  Living my life with passion can mean something as simple as enjoying a cool glass of water from a silly lemonade glass instead of the plain one tucked behind the cupboard door, or drinking my coffee from my Anthropologie splurge mug instead of the matched set hanging by the coffee pot.

I think I'm going like this passionate living thing!

xo, Patty


  1. Patty,
    I finally got the tree down last night. It is such a dust collector and I am glad to have order back in my house. As well as a good cleaning. I so adore all your vintage glasses, they make me smile. They are a wonderful cheery element to your home.

  2. I am with you. Always sad to see the cheer removed and tucked away. My MIL firmly believes in using the best dishes everyday. Go for it I guess. I tend to use the ordinary because I don't like having to hand wash much. We used our good dishes yesterday and I just finished the last of the hand washing and putting all the pots and pans away. It was a nice dinner but Dean and I decided next year for New Years it will be Petrillos.

  3. I bought some cute polka dot melamine plates at Target a few years ago. I use them every day. Polka dots make me happy and since I have trouble with weakness in my hand, don't have to worry breakage if (when!) I drop them. I still have my tree up, like to keep it up until Epiphany. My house always seems so empty with out it.

  4. I've begun to use "the good stuff." Now I don't have fancy china or silverware. But I consider the good stuff the pretty things I've bought at Marshalls or found at the antique mall. I'm going to try to live 2013 like you. With passion and using "the good stuff." My dishwasher doesn't work, so I hand wash anyway.

  5. love those lemonade glasses. so cool.

    i sometimes pull out the fun glasses & dishes it makes things feel special & different. i enjoy that.

    Merry 2013. ( :

  6. I generally just use my daily dinnerware for ordinary days. LOL It is the old blue and white Corelle pattern that I've had for just about forever...so NOW it is probably "Vintage" :)

    I love your glasses...I think my mom had something similar though for some reason I am picturing that the fruit may have been oranges.

  7. I use every thing I own. Nothing is too precious that it must be saved up. "Every meal is a feast and every day is a holiday."

  8. Oh I love your collection of pretty glasses - they're so sweet & happy! I'm a firm believer in using the pretty things.

  9. I always use a special glass or cup (especially for coffee) and I find such joy in using all my "special" dishes.

    Love to you my friend and blessings in the new year.


  10. I've been restoring some order here as well. I like the Christmas things, but also enjoy a "quieter" look around the house. Funny you should mention using our nice things. I happen to like all of my mugs, but just pulled out one of the handcrafted pottery ones that hasn't been used in awhile!


  11. Patty,
    Odd you should mention that, dear one!!!
    I've been doing that very same thing lately!
    The newly purchased vintage stemware used for Christmas Day
    is now in the built~in cabinet where we can grab at a moment's
    notice for any meal or refreshment!
    EnJOY your beautiful things!!!

  12. What a great outlook for the year! I like using special things, but sometimes I don't think to...funny, right!?! We just got an Anthropology here, and I know all about those adorable splurge mugs you're talking about! I want one, too!!
    Blessings and Happy New Year,

  13. My what lovely glasses you have...Love them!

    I use my things...All of them! Dishes, glasses, linens, etc. I love changing out for the seasons, the holidays, and just because I want to enjoy them and for my family and friends to enjoy them. Simple pleasures!

    Many blessings,


  14. Patty,

    Such sweet and colorful glasses. Yes, I love getting the house back in order and clean, clean.

    I absolutely use my best things everyday....I always have. I use crystal goblets for breakfast with orange juice. It only takes a minute to do this and it makes you feel so special. I use all my dishes except my wedding china and frankly, that is because I can't put them in the dishwasher. Yikes!

    I don't believe in saving your special things for later....today is all we have.


  15. Adorable glasses. Go for the gusty and enjoy the simple things!

  16. Passionate living sounds good to me, too. Haven't taken anything down yet. Waiting til January 6, the Epiphany, then it all comes down. I'm like you, though, in that I like to get things back in order and clean. Susan

  17. You do have the cutest and cheeriest pieces! I use the special things I have even though occasionally something gets broken. I like feeling special and making others feel special with the nicest that I have.

    Just got home from visiting our daughter and haven't got the containers put away or any of the outside decorations down. Hopefully it will get done on Saturday.

  18. Patty, love your cherry glasses. But then, I like all of your goodies!


  19. It's really funny. I have started using things everyday that I thought were too special to use for fear they would get broken. Maybe it is a coming of age for me. Good for you, too!!! xo Diana

  20. I love your cherry and lemonade glasses - so pretty and cheery! I drank water tonight out of a ruby red glass instead of a plain, clear glass. Does that count? ;-)

  21. I try to remember to use my beautiful objects intentionally too. I love, I mean really love, your cherry glasses AND your lemonade glasses. Why do I know those lemonade glasses? May I ask where you got them? We have been very busy with company and projects and work, but I'm hoping to find a bit more time to visit with my bloggy buddies in 2013. HaBee New Year to you!

  22. Sounds like you've got a good plan for the New Year :)

    Hope it's full of blessings, happiness and passionate living.

  23. I use my silver and Italian pottery every day and really enjoy them. Not much point in "saving" things. The worst that can happen is that they get broken and I've broken lots of dishes in my life. I get so much pleasure out of using the pottery.

  24. I don't even own everyday dishes any more. I use the good china, crystal, silver and linen. I've bought too many of these things at auction that were never used by the original owners. One day it stuck me as a terrible waste and I started using it all!

  25. I only use my "good' stuff for special occasions. But, when I do use them I enjoy the hand washing and taking care to put them away until next time. We are in the process of switching out dishes out to all white. I am having fun with that too. No fancy drinking glasses here just clear ones. But, I do try to make our table special with using tablecloths and real napkins....always!

  26. I do try to use my things more every day. I noticed your sweet little cherrie glasses. My great aunts had those and
    when their immediate family cleaned out the storage unit (after 20 years..yeah, terrible I know!) No one wanted them
    and they came home with me with the adorable little pitcher. The paint is fading and I haven't used them because of
    that reason. Don't want it to fade more. I wonder if I should paint over them to brighten them up? What do you think?

  27. I love the word passionate...I am going to remember that...no I use all my nice things, because it make me smile. Yes I enjoy order this time of year also.
    Those glasses are great...and fun!

  28. I enjoy cleaning up Christmas as much as I enjoy putting it up! Everything seems fresh after we pack away the pretties. I have always, always believed in using the good things all the time. Why have pretty things you can't use? I love your vintage glasses. So adorable!

  29. I try to use special things more as every day things, agree with olive who commented here earlier, every day should be special, every meal. A friend has a beautiful dish - a wedding present over fifty years ago and still never used. It's a pity l think. I need to go through my cupboards and bring things out into the light :-). Hope you have a good weekend, blessings Pam

  30. We have a set of Fiesta Ware dishes for every day, and a set of Tunisian pottery dishes (just service for four) for when the four of us (my husband, daughter, son and I) are eating dinner together.

    No fancy stemware or silver. Just regular stuff. We do have a collection of cream pitchers for coffee and tea, and I enjoy choosing which one to use when we have guests!

  31. I would want to drink out of those pretty glasses, but i admit that I do use my everyday corning ware dishes still after 20 years. And I love my thick squatty glasses that are jelly jars, for my drinks. I use the same Chicken mug for my coffee, everyday! I am not sure if that is good or bad? But I tend to not use my jadeite or my Pyrex bowls from the fifties, as much as my pyrex from the 90's! I am more afraid of it getting broken? I guess that is a bit silly.

  32. I am drooling over those cherry and lemon glasses! All of our dishes seem to be ordinary. This makes me want to get some special dishes for every day use!


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