Hello Monday!  It was a busy weekend around here.  I had both grand boys on Saturday and at three and nine they sure do give me a run for my money.  I adore having them around, the constant buzz and easy laughter, but when bedtime rolls around I'm not sure just who's going to crawl in first, me or them.

I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel on Saturday chatting about sustaining friendships with
women and how hard that can be, both the making of friends and the time it takes to sustain them.

It certainly initiated a few strong opinions and heartfelt emotions but you know what, I'm not surprised.  We women can be our toughest critics, most fickle foes and fair weathered friends. Luckily that's not always the case and in fact, I would argue that it's the exception, at least it has been in my life.

I think that's true for most people, it's just that it only takes one significant hurt to leave an ugly scar and make us gun shy to try again.  When you put yourself out there and suffer betrayal it really makes you think twice before jumping back into that frying pan.  (Yes, I know I mixed a few metaphors in this paragraph.)

The optimist in me wants to tell you, don't give up.  True friends are out there and when you find them what they offer far outweighs possibly getting hurt.  I can't imagine going through the struggles of life without my core group of tribe so to speak.

If you've been hurt, I urge you to pray about putting yourself out there again.  Be smart about it, ask for discernment, move slowly, act cautiously, but try again.

xo, Patty

I'd love to have you join me over on YouTube where I share more of my cottage style in the home and garden.  Here's the link, Lemon Lane Cottage.


  1. Hi Patty! I have read your blog quietly for a couple of years and I just watched your video on making friends. You are a natural with the whole video thing....I hope you keep doing them! The subject of friends always intrigues me....sometimes I think that I have high expectations in the friend department.....which then leaves me often disappointed. After college I moved 8 hrs away from home to Pennsylvania. I have been here 24 yrs now....and I have put myself out there as far as making friends go. It hasn't always been easy....but the older I get the more I realize how important good girlfriends are. Thanks for the reminder to keep fostering those friendships even when we get busy. Friends sure do make life more fun! :)

  2. The video was very good. Friendship can be quite hard. When a good one comes along it does take nurturing. I have felt the sting of one letting me down and I let it hold me back for years, but I have come to know I do need friends.

  3. Hi Patty. I am eager to see your latest video. I have been hurt by what I thought were good friends. Long term friendships, and the hurt was big. But I am okay now. I feel like there are seasons of my life, and so too, friends who fit into those seasons. Some, perhaps, not so well as we grow older, and our lives change.
    I miss you, my friend. We must get together very soon.

  4. You're doing a great job doing these videos.


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