I know what you're thinking, love to clean?  Maybe I should re-title that to - Learning to appreciate the feeling that having a clean and organized home provides and how that lets me do the fun stuff like bake and decorate and take off on a fun shopping day with friends and even leisurely enjoy tea and a magazine without guilt.  But that's a little long for title, don't you think?

I hear from women all the time that they don't like cleaning and they don't want to squander whatlittle free time they have doing something they don't enjoy.  I hear you, I have felt the exact same way.  I have always wanted to have a clean and organized home but my best intentions were met with distraction and lack of motivation.  And so I would put it off until I had a free day or next weekend or before the next gathering in my home and by that time it was so overwhelming that I hated and resented every minute of it.  Sound familiar?

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I'm hoping to convince you that routinely spending a few extra minutes everyday tackling some of the big stuff in small increments will leave you plenty of free time to do the stuff you love and also provide your family with the feeling of a well loved home.  A home that's ready to welcome a friend at a moments notice without panic or embarrassment setting in.

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But before we can get to the few extra minutes part we need to establish order and that means assessing what we have, need and use in our lives right now.  Not someday in the future or what was in the past, but right now.  How do I live my life?  How and who do I feed, entertain and want to make comfortable?  And then we systematically go room by room and assess our stuff, purge, clean and organize what stays and dispose of by donation, sale or trash what goes.

With the holidays coming I can think of no better time to start.  What do you say?  Are you with me?  Let's make September the month to reclaim our homes and even if we don't learn to love to clean, at least make it the month that we learn to love the feeling having a clean home provides.

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Gather your favorite cleaning supplies, a few empty boxes and let's get started.  I will be going step by step both here on my blog and by video on YouTube.

Leave me a comment and subscribe here, or go over and subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment there, (or both) if you plan on joining me and that way you'll be notified when I post next.

Trust me the work will be worth it come the holiday season and you're house is ready to decorate and enjoy without the frenzy of having to clean it first.

Let's do this together!

xo, Patty

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  1. Headed to the video now. I agree with I like the results of a clean and organized home.

  2. Due to the cold weather, and the lack of rain here, I am heading to my master bath for a deep clean today. This time of year, housework is based on the weather, and garden harvest.

  3. Patty, I am glad to hear I am not the only one that starts a project with the expectation it will take half a day.....and it take much longer to accomplish! Keep keeping it real :)

  4. I may never LOVE to clean, but I sure do love the results! Have you tried Mrs. Meyers apple cider scent? Very autumnal. I love it!


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