Hello there friends.  It has been such a mixed bag of circumstances this week, all in all I'm glad it's coming to a close.  I am really trying to find something positive each and every day because there is always something to be thankful for and as I look back I am grateful for time spent in the garden.  I did a little bit of weeding and pulling of plants past their prime and I even started planning what I want to put in the ground as the weather cools down a bit.

I told you last post that I have been spending time sprucing up our home and I thought I better show you a few pictures before things get changed up for fall...did I actually say that out loud or am I still wishing it to myself?

I know there are some summer lovers out there but Autumn and all it's pumpkin spiciness can't come
soon enough for me.  I'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact that our winters here are mild and I am not facing months of cold temps, shoveling snow and non existent gardening time.

It's been a while since I showed you my dining room hutch. I just stitched up this pretty apron for the bottom.  It is one of many long planned projects that took me all of an hour to finish and boy, what an hour well spent.  As hard as I've tried to style the space underneath, it always ends up looking tired and in need of dusting or it becomes an exposed storage space.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Because our living room is long and narrow, it is really hard to photograph so I rarely share pictures of it but I wanted to show you the new houseplants I added to freshen it up.  (I noticed that the blue pot still has it's plastic covering on it in this picture as I was just auditioning it for a few days to see if I loved it enough to keep it...turns out I do, so the plastic is off now.)

And finally my reading corner with it's newly covered lampshade.  My plan is to add more thrift store oil paintings to this area as time goes on.  The bench in the back has already been moved to the other side of the room and replaced with a large wicker basket filled with toys.  I'll show you the new arrangement and take a few pictures of the other side of the living room just as soon as I am done tweaking it.

My goal is not to bring any fall decor out for a few weeks yet, but trust me it's taking all my restraint not to.  What about you?  Any signs of fall where you are?  Or are you savoring these last few weeks of summer?

xo, Patty


  1. Dear Sweet Patty, your home is a breath of fresh air, I absolutely adore the cheerfulness that streams from every room. Even on a cloudy day the sun is shining inside the delightful walls of your home. You're an inspiration.
    Happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  2. Love your cottage, Patty! The colors are just feel good colors together. :)

  3. Your cottage is so welcoming and pretty! No matter what season is current your home makes me smile :) I admit to being a bit jealous of your California winter weather, but yes, I have noticed the trees turning here in Michigan and as much as I hate winter, I love fall. It's cooler now and the days are getting shorter, but still long enough to enjoy the evening outside. I'm looking forward to fires, and hot coffee and sweaters.

  4. Please, where did you get your new lampshade? It would coordinate PERFECTLY with my new living room valance I got for my front picture window and would be perfect for the floor lamp I have.

  5. I love your decorating style and have borrowed a couple things from you throughout the years. Your pictures make me sigh as your home is so warm and welcoming. I am using restraint until after Labor Day and then I don't think I can hold back fall decorating any longer. The weather here is still hovering around 100 so summer is still in full swing. First football games this weekend for my kids and grands, so fall should be here, right? Have a wonderful weekend. Still want to see what you are sewing on.

  6. Beautiful ..enjoyed the tour so much. Thank you for sharing. I love red [its my favorite color, and yellow coming in].The red check skirt is adorable, and such a good idea. I also, like the little bench on your stairs, allowing a place to put things [and the coat hooks smart and a great use of space.
    I too, am wanting to decorate for fall.. My favorite time of year...

  7. Your house looks so pretty! I've always loved the bright colors you use. Being here in northern IL, I'm in no hurry for fall, as our warm weather simply does not last long enough. And I cannot bear winter - absolutely hate it. So needless to say, I'm hanging onto every last bit of summer that I can!

  8. I know it must feel great to be knocking stuff off the to do list. I'm always so irritated with myself when I procrastinate on something that doesn't end up being that hard or taking that long and it ends up looking fabulous. Love your hutch apron!

  9. Patty,
    Lovely skirting around your hutch base, dear friend!
    The oil painting on your wall make a warming statement in your decor!
    I love all the colors that blend harmoniously throughout your home!
    Autumn has begun (in my home decor) and we're enjoying cooler mornings and evenings!
    The daytime temperatures are still quite warm, though. Reminds me of Colorado weather!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

  10. Patty, thank you for this lovely glimpse into your house, it looks very pretty, I especially like your reading corner it looks the perfect place to get lost in a book! I have to confess, I'm not quite ready for Autumn as we only just now had a few days here in the Scottish Highlands that feel remotely like Summertime.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Anna xx
    Anna xx

  11. Your home is beautiful and so colorful! I am chomping at the bit to decorate for fall but am satisfying that urge by doing a few late summer refreshes like you are. I bought a few throw pillows, changed out my centerpiece and changed out a few of my pictures from light, airy summery prints to more muted ones. It has been so hot and humid here - we are needing a break from it!

  12. I really enjoy seeing pictures of your home. It looks so inviting and cheerful! It's still summer weather in my corner of Canada. I love the fall, though, so there are pleasures to anticipate.


  13. Your home looks so charming and welcoming ♥

  14. Hello Patty,

    I haven't stopped by in a while. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. I too am using restraint to wait a little while before bringing out the fall decorations. We are just starting to feel a hint of change in the air. The nights are getting cooler and a touch of morning fog. Indian Summer is on its way and a few leaves have just a hint of color. Savoring each moment and change. :)

  15. I like your decor and subtle changes you make.

  16. I just love your white hutch! and the skirt around the bottom was a great idea... and love your reading nook! That lampshade... oh sigh... I want one too. Could you perhaps do a post (at your leisure of course!) of where you got it or how you covered it if you did it yourself? I love the look of fabric or pretty paper on lampshades. It's been really hot here in central Oregon still and I'm liking the little bit cooler days (but nights down to freezing are not what I like yet).. but later this week will be back up in the 90's. I'm not ready for Fall yet and the shorter days. It seems like the day ends too soon and it gets dark too early yet.. and I'm not ready for the long dark evenings yet. I do love the colors of Fall outdoors though! I get in slumps and my to do lists just sit there.. but I know eventually I'll get a splurge of energy and get a few things done! I try not to rush myself.

  17. Patti, I replied to your comment on my blog today :) Absolutely joining you in prayer for courage to write from your heart and seek God's audience for our words.

    Lots of love!!

  18. Patty, I am missing you....please tell me you are doing fine. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

    1. Patty, I was also hoping things were ok. I always enjoyed reading your blog. Julie

  19. Thinking of you this season.
    Your blog is one of my all time favorites.
    I do hope you find your way back soon.

  20. Sure miss you Patty! I hope all is well in your world. Hugs... Marilyn from Oregon


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