A repost from New Years 2016 and a reminder to myself just why I blog...

Well that didn't last long...

It seems this little space is not easily forgotten or replaced and actually a form of therapy in my otherwise crazy world.  A place where I can share thoughts and ideas that are not immediately met with skepticism or criticism due to their very unlikely, impractical, pie in the sky ways (at least not to my face anyways). 

We dreamers need an audience that isn't so big on realism and actual finishes, one that will
nod in agreement because in that pie in the sky world they would like order, simplicity, beauty and peace in their space, too.

I say let the dreamers unite because maybe one day the linen closet will stay organized, the kitchen counters will be dish free, the laundry space will not collect lost socks and dust bunnies at an impossibly alarming rate and those last ten pounds will magically disappear even if I share recipes made with a pound of butter or a cup of sugar.

I'm not sure what I'll post or how often but I do know when I sit down with my planner writing out my goals and dreams, add a pin to my pinterest boards or try a new outfit, I need someone to share them with...I need you.

Happy New Year (and no I told you so's are necessary, lol).

xo, Patty


  1. I feel exactly the same way and guess that is why I started blogging and why I love your blog and you so much.

  2. Patty, don't let anything stop you. :)

  3. Yes.. I think the real reason we blog is to share "whatever" with someone else! If we have a dream, or an idea, or a finished project, or a wish list, or someplace we went that was fun... or took some awesome pictures, we want to share it with "someone out there"...just for the fun (and need we have) of sharing! Do what feels good and right! (and not on any time schedule).


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