Hello February and workshop sign ups


Hello February!  Is it just me or does the hope and promise of Spring kick in full swing when the calendar rolls from January to February?

I spent the weekend restoring order after my Valentine Makerie craft party on Friday night.  I decided to leave the twinkly lights and floating hearts I hung for the event up for a while.  They add a little bit of a party atmosphere to everyday and who couldn't use that?

The craft workshop on Friday night was a great success.  Everyone finished up both projects and enjoyed their time together.

I even managed to take a few pictures to share a little later this week as well as few tips and time lines for having your own craft party.

In the meantime, the next workshop is on the books for February 27th.  I've decided to teach this mixed media canvas and the polka dotted painted banner.

If you are local to the Los Angeles area and would like to join us, there is a paypal button on my side bar.  I ended up with twelve guests last time and it was a really good number so that's what I'll do for this one as well.

I have added a few of the painted banners to my Etsy shop.  The cheerful colors remind of springtime and  I love the way they look hung across the white hutch.

I hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl Sunday whether it was for the football, halftime show or commercials!

Happy Monday!

xo, Patty


  1. I need more color in my life! Your home inspires me to add it =)

  2. Your lights do look festive and I love your little banner . . . sew pretty :)

  3. Patty, I like your white accents through your home. I am glad you hada good turn out. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I love the lights and banners. A little festivity is always so pretty. I also love hearing about your craft classes. I wish I was close enough to attend one!

  5. So cute! I think just being in your cottage would inspire someone's crafty side.

  6. I wish I lived nearby so I could take your classes! Love the twinkly lights...I would leave them up all winter.

  7. I love the hearts and twinkling lights!

    Also, I featured your blog on mine today! Hope you can check it out :)

  8. Everything looks so cute! PS- I love scarves too :)


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