fashion Wednesday - scarves


Do you love scarves?  Do you wear them often?

I know I have quite a few of them hanging in my closet.  They are one of the few things that don't really change much in style and they always fit (even after indulging in a lunch of Mexican food with my daughters, which I did before today's photo shoot).  So yea, I love scarves.

You can find them at discount stores for a few dollars so they are an easy way to add color and versatility to your wardrobe.

You will find me in jeans, a T-shirt and cardigan most every day of the week during the fall and winter months and a scarf just adds a bit of polish to those staple pieces.

In California we don't really need them for warmth so much during the day but I do love the way they finish off an outfit and weather permitting I will wear them until the thermostat reaches 90 degrees.

They are kind of like boots in that way.   But that's a post for another day.

Happy Wednesday!

xo, Patty

Striped cardigan - Walmart
Black skinny jeans - Loft
Pink long sleeve tee - Old Navy
Boots - Kohls
Scarves - gift from my mom
Necklace - Loft on clearance :)


  1. I love scarves when the weather is really cold, but I find them much too warm to wear in temps above 65 degrees. I wish I could tolerate them in a little bit warmer weather because I think they really do add a lot to an outfit. You look adorable, just as you always do :>)

  2. You are looking so cute. I am still in my jammies and it is noon almost. I'm a puppy mom after all.

  3. HI, Patti, thank you for stopping by! Love your outfit and you wear it well. I'm loving doing the fashion posts too, another fun creative outlet.

  4. I always seem to forget about scarves, silly me! You've inspired me to remember :)

  5. I like scarves too and this post reminds me to wear them more often.


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