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My life has finally slowed down enough for me to head over to my mom's for a couple of days.  I am typing this from her family room sofa with one eye on my laptop screen and one on her sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, contemplating the days crossword puzzle and feeling extremely blessed to watch her.

Are you like me in having snapshots in your mind of how you think of those you love?  Which chair they sit in at the dining room table or their favorite recliner, a morning routine or nervous habit.

My mother in law used to stick her tongue out of the side of her mouth when she was focusing hard, she used to clank the bowl with her fork as she ate her morning apple salad, she used to let a little burp slip out and say, "excuse me, I never do that".

I can still see my dad watching TV in his favorite recliner with his socks on and pajama shirt unbuttoned.  It seems like just yesterday that he was using the last bit of his toast to clean the gooey mess of eggs off the bottom of his plate.

The older I get the more I tuck these memories away for future reference.  I wish I had been better at keeping a journal when my kids were small.  I wish I had captured those cute mannerisms and sweet mispronunciations as they happened.  I am trying to do better with my grandchildren. Each faze passes so quickly.

It seems I've rambled right through this fashion Wednesday post and can find no clever way to transition.  Sorry about that...

Remember this inspiration photo from a couple of weeks ago?  I chose it for it's timeless look and I knew it would be easy to recreate from my closet.

I found this embellished sweater at Target on clearance for under $15.00 right after Christmas.  I paired it with boot cut jeans from Loft and my grey booties.  I chose not to wear a necklace because of the gem embellishments on the sweater but added some dangling silver earrings and multiple silver bracelets.  It has been nice to be able to wear a sweater the last couple of days after our flip flop weather for most of February.

With March just around the corner it's time to start thinking about transitioning to Spring fashion.  Any ideas or trends you'd like me look in to?  And if you have any memory you want to share, I'm all ears.

xo, Patty


  1. Patty- I think most of us have those memories of our parents and those we loved tucked away somewhere. I think of my late brother that always looked down and ducked his head just a bit before he let out a laugh. My mother would tap a front tooth with her fingernail when she was concentrating on paperwork. My Dad would doze in his rocking chair after he got Parkinsons and wake with a start and say...I wasn't sleeping, you know. lol
    Pretty outfit there, Patty! xo Diana

  2. I loved your remembrances of your parents. We only have my mother left. I think we are all soaking her up. She is quite a character and gives us quite a bit to talk about. I recently retired and want to make sure I spend lots of time with her.
    As for clothing styles, I just recently got on board with the skinny jeans, and now I hear wide leg pants are coming back. ---I just can't quite wrap my brain around a 54 year old, silver haired, 5'3", 148 pound woman wearing them. Maybe I will be surprised and they will actually be much cuter than I expect if that trend takes off. It is just that the last time I wore them, I was 93 pounds:)

  3. Most of my sweetest memories are of my grandparents, how I used to sit by grandpa's chair and hold his hand while he napped in the recliner, how my little grandmother (4' 10") used to always wear an apron with a handkerchief in it to wipe a grandchild's runny nose, and how I used to shadow her in her farmhouse kitchen. She was the best cook I ever met. I'm glad I have those memories:>) You got a great deal on that cute sweater!

  4. My sweetest memories are of my Grandma and Papaw…getting to stay at their house for a whole week as a kid! And now, getting to take my two girls there is just heaven.

  5. Aw...those sweet memories of our family members. Now you look as cute as a button in your pretty sweater. I love your hair!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Like you... I have memories of loved ones.
    I find myself focusing on hands.
    My Granny's hands, my moms...
    my Grandmothers... now days... I look at my grand kids and I see their hands, I think, this child has hands like my child, or hands that I don't quite recognize. Making new share with that child later!
    I like your outfit...
    Your weekly outfits inspire me to make new outfits... I've lost enough weight my clothes are all baggy. :/
    you look cute in this one---
    enjoy time with your momma

  7. I cherish the memories I have of my Dad and grandparents. I still have my Mom; I talk to her every day and visit her several times a week. Your outfit for today is cute! It looks both classy & comfortable. I look forward to your Spring ideas!

  8. Sweet post Patty. I have so many of those cherished memories rolling about in the recesses of my memory. You are gorgeous in everything you put on! Glad you got to go spend some time with Mom!!
    XO Kris


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