the lure of the garden


I have succumbed to the lure of the garden.  I have spent the better part of the last few days weeding my little patch of perennials and turning over the soil.

My natural tendency is to forgo this part of gardening and get straight away to planting pretty flowers but time and my friends have taught me that this little bit of hard work and patience pays off in the end.

As I clear out the weeds and prune back the dead shoots I notice nature at work bringing forth beauty to be enjoyed in the months to come.  Little plants have reseeded themselves without any help from me.

 I love this part of gardening, the little surprises...

As I clear out the old, I take time to double dig the exposed earth and add natural fertilizers that will help my garden grow come those hot days of August and September.  Adding the extra time now prolongs the quality of life for these pretty roses and the rest of the garden flowers.

I find this true in my life as well.  (Okay, who didn't know a life analogy was coming?) 

Taking the time to enrich my life with fertilizers like love, rich words, simplified schedules, removal of excesses and time spent in prayer, ensures that when the weather turns harsh in my life (which it inevitably will) I will have what it takes to keep going. 

The cool thing about this assurance is that during the spring when everything is blooming, I don't even have to think about the heat of summer because my heart's soil has already been amended...the work to sustain joy has already been done and with daily maintenance I am ready to face whatever lies ahead.  But not without first fully enjoying the beauty of spring.

So, what have you done today to enrich the soil of your heart? 

xo, Patty


  1. Wow Patty! I can't remember now but you must be in Florida or California. In Texas it's still too cold for any of that. I'm jealous!

  2. Loving the roses as I watch the snow fall. I have a bad case of Spring Fever, already. So I will enjoy your blooms for now.

  3. Love your beautiful yellow roses! They are my favorite - we had yellow roses in our wedding!


  4. Gorgeous photos. You're killing me here with your lovely garden photos. While it snows outside...

  5. What great garden shots Patty! I haven't done a ding darn thing out in the gardens yet. Oh, yes I did. I added my fresh compsted earth to the garden boxes, but the chickens have made a mess of that!! I need to get some adequate fencing for the garden area before I get to work out there. The chickens will easily and quickly, undo anything I do!
    Yesterday, I sat in a comfy chair and crocheted, almost all day long. I have been feeling tired, and decided to do nothing for a change. It felt good. Not for my heart really, but for my soul.
    XO Kris


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