in search of flying monkeys...


I stopped off at my favorite local thrift store in search of a couple of stuffed monkeys for our annual UnTea at church (more on that later).  Our theme this year is the Wizard of Oz and I volunteered to make the flying monkeys.  Of course, since I was in there anyway...

I made a bee line for the textile, lace and jewelry sections.

Just look at all this beautiful vintage goodness...

And look at those red price tags...

.95 cents!

Can you believe that?  The most expensive bracelet is the "diamond" one on the top.  I paid a ton for it...$5.95.  And that gorgeous old necklace with all those pretty gems?  $1.95...yep, all of those jewels for $1.95.

I buy old jewelry for the parts and usually disassemble them for other projects but when I got these home I realized there are a couple of bracelets that I just might add to my jewelry box to wear just as is.

I love when I find great stuff especially when I just happen upon it.  I also came home with an old heavy duty metal bar stool, a wooden school house easel and a beautiful vintage sheet.

Oh yeah, and a couple of potential flying monkeys.

xo, Patty


  1. I love that necklace Patty! You got some real deals. The monkeys are going to be adorable:>)

  2. The monkeys are looking pretty snazzy with all the jewels!


  3. Cute monkeys! Don't you just love it when you find deals when your not even looking!!

  4. Those are so pretty! I especially love the one with the dangly pink beads on it. I almost never check the jewelry counter at our local thrift (I'm all about the textiles and dishes), I should remember to do that! ~Angela~

  5. You really did hit the jackpot with those jewels!!!
    xo KRIS

  6. You found some great stuff! I love when that happens!

  7. Sounds like a successful venture. Such pretties.

  8. I never thought to look for embellishment pieces at the thrift shop - thanks for the idea.

    The little monkeys are awfully cute in their bling.

  9. Beautiful jewelery! I was reading an older post of yours and you were talking about blog rolls...
    i LOVE blog rolls. ....I added your blog to my blog roll! :)
    Happy Blogging!


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