hello saturday


Hello Saturday with your cloudy skies and cooler temperatures.  We have had the nicest week of spring like temperatures here in Southern California.  While much of the nation is the midst of a definite cold snap and very wintery weather I have been walking the garden in my flip flops snipping Gerber daisies and roses and lamenting how fast the weeds are growing. 

I am finally feeling like myself and am having a surge of first of the year hope and commitment to change for the better.  Mostly a lot of little things that will hopefully add up to living every day with more intention, more purpose, more beauty and more "in real life" moments.

I made this little sign and attached it to the cover of my computer to remind myself that this grey box is not real life.  Those pretty pictures, dreams and relationships are fun and encouraging and important but life really happens when you close the box and live.

So from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I am planning on focusing on the family and friends that are close enough for me to love on and visit with...taking those craft pinterest boards from inspiration to reality...finishing my home improvement projects that are halfway done...cooking delicious meals for my family...volunteering more at my church...cleaning and organizing my home...take more photos...writing letters...reading books and all the thousand other things that I want to do but keep putting off.

Oh, and I plan on enjoying a nap under a quilt every now and again, too. 

What would living life every day with intention look like for you?  What's keeping you from doing it?  Love to hear...

xo, Patty


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  2. Love your resolve to not turn on the 'grey box' from 9 am to 7 pm. I fear that we are tuning in to a picture of what we thing life should be instead of using our time/energy to experience LIVING! Best to you in 2014.........

  3. I like your sign and your resolve to spend more time in the REAL world.

  4. I think you are on the right track Patty. I too think the "gray box " does steal a lot of life's precious moments from us. I'm committing to more time with all the people and things I love too.

  5. Patty you are right. we all spend too much time on the gray box. This year I intend to sort out lots of things, the house the garden and do more craft things just for the hell of it, not because I have to for a present etc. I want to be more careful with money and enjoy cooking more instead of the dread of what shall we have for tea tonight. Be more organised and last but not least give some time to myself for a change ,just to read a book or take a long bath without someone wanting me. Am I dreaming or can I achieve some of these goals? I hope so.

  6. You couldn't be more right! I need to make myself a sign like that.

  7. Good Luck will all of your plans for the new year, Patty. I need to get better at planning my "creative" time so that I can improve my skills in that area.


  8. mine would look so much like yours, now I just need to get started right? I always endeavor to change for the better, take more time to stop and pick the daisies, but somehow I seem to stay in place. I guess it's just too comfortable in my cocoon. I will take your words as my inspiration to start moving forward. Love your pretty flower photos. be well...;j

  9. "What's keeping me from doing it?" Not feeling so very healthy. Hopefully, this will begin to turn around Wednesday morning as a new journey begins.

  10. Flip flops and daisies and HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?????

    But I do like your computer philosophy. I seem to have fallen into a similar one lately, and I"m loving it.



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