June in the Garden


We had such a mild and wet spring here in Southern California that my late June garden looks and feels much more like it does in April instead of early summer.  Not that I'm complaining...

I know that all too soon the heat of summer will bear down and the soft pink and blue hues in my garden will fade and the more hardy seasonal annuals with their warm colored flowers will dot the garden landscape.

So I figured if I was going to share the garden at its peak, I better do it sooner rather than later.  As always, our backyard is a work in progress but with most of the hardscape done, this year is all about those finishing touches that transform it into all those things we imagined it would be.

A place to find solace in a noisy world...
A place to grow food for the table...
A place where friends and family can gather together...
A place to enjoy my morning coffee or evening glass of wine...
A place where birds and bees and butterflies reside...

It's not there yet, but it is getting close and I am enjoying every minute of it.

xo, Patty

I put together a video tour over on my YouTube channel if you'd like to take a look.

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  1. Patty,
    Gorgeous blooms!
    "Mr.Ed" & I spotted a huge bumble bee on the Purple Cone Flower this evening.
    We had begun to "bee" concerned about the lack of bee sightings.
    Always inspiring are your lovely photos!


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