Little Changes Around the Cottage


Are you like me and find yourself going through seasons of decorating inspiration.  Don't get me wrong, I love my home and I love making it cozy and welcoming but there are times when no matter how hard I try the mojo to make changes and freshen up just can't be found.

I find myself on the tail end of that particular season and am so happy to bid it farewell.  All of the sudden my head is swimming with little (and not so little) changes and tweaks I want to make to the cottage.

The first thing I'll be tackling is finishing up on all the partially started projects in the dining room.  Back in January I ordered buffalo check fabric for new curtains and had high hopes of revamping the entire room before the months end...that did not happen.  As a matter of fact, that same fabric has been propped against the wall in my craft room just waiting to be transformed.

I'd also like to freshen up the table displays and add a skirt of fabric around the little entry table and use it for more practical storage.

And I'm feeling a need for a little good old fashioned purging but where do I start?  That's always a touch and go situation around here.  Do I love it?  Do I use it? Does it bring me joy?  You guys know the drill.  I want to feel less clutter but I do love having my pretty things around.  I 'll be sure and share the final room reveal just as soon as I get it done.  Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

xo, Patty


  1. Always love to see your posts, Patty. You are such a delightful person, always cheerful and encouraging. I LOVE your Pioneer Lady bowls and plates. Your videos are just a total delight. May the rest of your week be blessed. Susan

  2. Patty,
    Beautiful vibrant Summer decor!
    I understand about where to begin when purging.
    My thought is where am I the most frustrated.
    Kitchen cabinets, Master Bedroom Closet,. . .
    You get the idea and that is where I begin.
    On my side of the Prairie, this definitely has a domino effect.
    We are triple digit heat at the moment,
    so I'll be retreating to the lower level for a few weeks.
    Keep those photos coming. . .they are filled to the brim with inspiration!


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