A Little Patriotic Decor


Just before Memorial Day I switched out my Spring decor for a few patriotic touches in the dining room hutch.  I love pulling out a few things from my stash and making each holiday a little special in the cottage.  Gone are the days when I decorate the entire house for each season (I have definitely entered a phase of less is more) but I can't resist adding a bit here and there. 

Our dining room is the hub to the rest of our home.  It sits right in the middle and you must pass through it to get to every other room.  Our big white hutch sits smack dab in the center of the room, making it the obvious place to transform as the mood strikes.

I haven't been buying new seasonal decor for a few years now relying more and more on things that I hold near and dear like these little pails in red, white and blue, a pair of adorable Adirondack chairs that were gifted to me by my SIL and twinkling lights from the Target dollar bin.

The hutch will stay this way until August when I will add a few summer sunflowers to begin the transition to fall.  But I'm getting ahead of myself now.  I think I'll just slow down and savor all that summer has to offer for a while.

Do you still change out your decor for each season.  Are you an all in kind of girl or just a touch here and there?  I've been both and have nothing but encouragement for those of you who spread so much joy to those of us who get to take in all your hard work!

XO, Patty

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  1. My mom used to do every single room for the 'big' holidays (easter, halloween/thanksgiving, Xmas) and just a little paper stuff stuck on the living room mirror for valentines day & st pats, etc. My sister tends to still go all out for almost every single holiday but I convinced her to do just 'red/white/blue from memorial day to august and then transition to fall to give herself a break. I do more at Xmas but not as much as I used to. I no longer do the upstairs hallway and upstairs bathroom, etc. I do my hutch & dining room table for the 'smaller' holidays (like valentines, st pats, memorial day through mid july I do red/white/blue) and then add in the living room for Xmas. I only change out my towels and rugs in kitchen for Xmas and Easter And fall.


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