I have always been a natural skeptic when it comes to non traditional ways of doing things so coming to the realization that essential oils could really make a difference in my life took a while.   As my life has taken a turn toward a more self sufficient and natural wellness lifestyle in the last couple of years, I have begun to investigate alternative ways to alleviate some of the physical and mental things we all deal with as we age.

In an effort to create a healthy lifestyle I am growing more edibles in the garden,  cooking healthier meals, and taking walks, as a part of my daily routine.  Scheduling quiet time every morning and getting a good nights sleep are also an essential part of this equation.  While these things have certainly helped on me on my journey to personal wellness, I still found myself dealing with the occasional headache, sleepless night and increasing aches in my hands and feet.

That's when I turned to essential oils.  After asking my more "natural" minded friends and family I found that the name that kept coming up was DoTerra.  So when Angela - A Parisienne Farmgirl - asked me if I used essential oils (specifically Doterra essential oils) I knew it was time to do some research and give them a try.  I purchased the Home Essentials Kit shortly after because I knew if I was going to legitimately give them a try I needed to go all in.  I was a little skeptical as I rubbed Deep Blue on my hands and felt relieve within five minutes and dismissed it as a coincidence.  But when I repeated the application the next day after a long session pulling weeds in the garden and it worked again, I knew I was on to something.  If one oil worked so well could the others do the same.

The answer is definitely, yes, they do.  And now I can say essential oils are a big part of feeling better both emotionally and physically and I can't ever see going without them again.


  1. Loved this post. I have been trying years to get healthy and more relax and failed until last year when I found out I had osteoporis and now trying to do what is best for me. I will look into the essential oils. Thank you.

    1. They have made such a difference in my life let me know if I can answer any questions!


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