Hello there, feel like chatting a bit?  I've got a list of this and that to talk about so I thought I'd just lump it all together and have a good old fashion coffee and... morning conversation.

I realize more now than ever how important relationships with other women are and how important it
is to cultivate them, whether it's inviting them over for coffee or meeting at a local restaurant to share a meal and catch up.  What women used to do around the table naturally has become a bit of a dying art and we are not the better for it.

So I thought I'd use Saturday mornings over on my YouTube channel for chatting.  I'm hoping you join me and respond via the comments both here and over there.  What do you think?

One of the things on my list to chat about is that I finally got around to changing out my fourth of July decor on the porch including the wreath on the front door.  (The video link is in my sidebar.)  I need to add a few more pops of color (no surprise there) before I'm ready to share it but hopefully it will be finished early this week.

I'm showing a few different fabrics and what I want to use them for in this mornings video.  I enjoy sharing there, it just feels a bit more conversational.  I really hope you come on over to have a listen and leave me a comment.  Someone said it's like sitting down with a friend, which is the best compliment you could give me.

I've linked the conversation below.  Once you're there just hit the YouTube icon in the bottom right corner and that will take you directly to my channel where you'll find the subscribe button.

Hope to see you there.

xo, Patty

I'd love to have you join me over on YouTube where I share more of my cottage style in the home and garden.  Here's the link, Lemon Lane Cottage.


  1. Hello, Patty. I'm not sure why, but the video played for 50 seconds and then stopped. I don't know if this is just at my end, or if it happened for others. You have a lovely voice, by the way.

  2. I love the photos of the flowers....something I should do more often!
    Hope you come check out my blog....

  3. Hi Patty, I was so happy to see your "let's chat" video, however, it would only play for 50 seconds then quit. I tried to watch it from YouTube instead of from the blog, but it also would not play. I hope to get to watch it and will try again later!

  4. So very nice to hear your voice and see your beautiful face! :) I look forward to catching up on your videos!


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