A TOUR OF THE DINING ROOM - Cottage Fiesta Style


On Thursday my mom and sister came out for an early dinner and I had a chance to treat them to a fiesta afternoon complete with Mexican food and festive decor.  Despite the fact that we all ate way too much, we had such a nice time.

I can't stress enough how much the little touches you add to a gathering lets people know you care.
The hand painted clay pots with succulents and happy fiesta flags are the guests take away gift.

Even though I could have set out take out food on paper plates (which I have done plenty of times) and enjoyed the company, it was so nice to pamper my mom (who at 83 is the chief pamperer of all time) and my sister who I only get to see twice a year.

The touches were simple but such fun.  I am so glad I took the time to try out a couple of new recipes for taco meat including Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken and Carnitas for our taco bar.  Both were delicious.  I think I slightly preferred the Carnitas but you decide for yourself.

I kept the stress level down by buying the Spanish rice from the local Mexican food restaurant (there was no way I was going to risk homemade rice for my mom) and a can of refried beans.

My daughter helped out by making guacamole and I made some fresh salsa and a simple green salad.
Add to that the delicious apple pie my mom brought and we satisfactorily gorged ourselves to our hearts content.  It's okay to do that every once in a while, don't you agree?

I am headed to the beach with family for a couple of days and I can't wait to R-E-L-A-X.  Of course after all that food there is no way I'm going near my bathing suit!

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo, Patty

Here's the link to the Fiesta Dining Room decor that I posted on YouTube.  If you'd like to see more of this type of video hit the like button and subscribe to my channel.  Thanks!


  1. What a lovely picture of your mom, sister and you! I love to pamper people, too, and I agree--it is all in the little details...well, that and add a heaping dose of LOVE and you can get away with doing less. lol

    Have fun at the beach and I hope you can fully relax while you are there. xo Diana

  2. Such a lovely set up, all the little touches are great. I'm crazy about those succulants & painted pots. Glad you had a sweet time
    Karen x

  3. Patty, What a wonderful luncheon with your family. I loved the little potted succulents and flags. Your table scape was very nice. Linens and dishes. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. wear that bathing suit while you got it girl. !! Youth.:):)

  4. Looks like a lovely day! Life is short - wear the bathing suit!!


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