Studio tour...part one


I thought it was about time I shared a tour of my studio with you since it is probably the place in our home that is most reflective of who I am and the area that provides me a safe shelter in life's storms.

My studio/craft/sewing room has been in just about every room in our home but I love it's current location most of all.  I am upstairs facing the street with a view of the nearby foothills and shaded by our large California Ash trees.

I have recently separated the room into to three distinct areas, one for painting, one for paper crafts and of course, one for sewing.  It has only been like this a little over a week but I am already loving it.  I thought the best way to show off (and yes, I am proud and blessed to have this space) my studio was section by section.

This desk and framed inspiration wall are immediately to the left as you enter the room.  (That pretty mini quilt was made for me by Mindy from Quilting together with Mindy as part of a swap and I just love it!)

I found the desk at a thrift store a few years ago and painted it blue right away.  It has been pushed and drug around the house and served many purposes since then.  Right now it holds all my paints and art journals plus sketching pads and old books who's pages become part of my art.

This pretty blue case is from Michaels and it holds little bottles of acrylic paint.  The photo box holds water color supplies and misc. paint brushes.  The smaller boxes hold additional paints (because you can never have too many) and the books on top are my journaling bible that I doodle and paint in and my bible note journal.

These hard covered books are ones I've already read or found and will be used as art journals in the future.  I also paint over typed book pages and music pages so some of them are for that purpose as well.

I have taped all manner of artwork and post cards to the back splash of the desk for inspiration.  My favorite is the cactus postcard in the center.  About a year after my dad passed away I found it in a box of photos.  It was from him when he went away for work when I was around 11.  He addressed it specifically to me and wrote me a little note.  I am not a saver of things so I didn't even recall having it or even receiving it way back then.  But God knew and he saved it for when I would need a special hug from my earthly father.  I love that my heavenly father loves me like that.

That's it for today.  I'll be back to show you my fabric storage and paper station next.

Happy Monday!

xo, Patty


  1. Your space is wonderful and inspiring.. Love the postcard from your Dad. Can't wait to see the rest of your creative space.

  2. Thank you for sharing your space. It's nice to get organizational ideas from other creative people! I love the desk.

  3. An ideal place for you to be creative and I like the story of the cactus photo from your dad.

  4. Your studio space is delightful! I can see why you'd love to create and "hide" in there. I'm gathering some inspiration from you about storing the paints, etc. Great storage ideas. I love how you found the cactus postcard from your dad and have it hanging in your space.

  5. Love your blue desk, great to have studio space. Can not wait to see more. I am so jealous.

  6. What a beautiful space to create in Patty! I love the tour and hearing how you use and organized everything. That postcard from your dad is a real treasure. I'm so glad you found it :)

  7. Patty,
    I adore your Studio, dear friend!!!
    This is a perfect creative space!!!
    Love the blue desk and all the inspiring 'taped' postcards and such!!!
    Thank you for sharing your little corner of the creative world!!!
    P.S. I, too, have a creative space affectionately named, Studio One!!!


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