pretty things and busy days


One of things that makes birthdays fun are the people in your life you get to share them with.  Last week two of my best friends took me to dinner to celebrate and showered me with love and pretty presents.

I didn't waste any time adding this sweet sign and colorful little chest of drawers to my dining room hutch.  Turns out it was just what was needed to freshen the whole thing up.  Thank you girls, you both know me so well.

I am still busy preparing for Blush Market, my first handmade fair of the year, in a couple of weeks. At this point that means a lot of almost finished projects.  I am trying to stop starting anything new until I finish what I've already begun, if that makes sense.

I tend to work best under pressure but even I'm starting to sweat getting enough pretty things completed in time for the show.  Between that and my work in the garden, the days are just flying by. Needless to say my house is in need of a good cleaning and my plans for a spring purge have fallen by the wayside.

I am enjoying my work (if you can call it that) in the garden and in my studio so much that I don't mind the busyness.  What about you?  What's keeping you busy?

xo, Patty


  1. Oh- Happy Birthday- what a fun way to spend it with girlfriends...AND your got presents, too!
    What is keeping ME busy is the VA and running around with/for grandkids! I am blessed to have that "busy-ness" in my life. xo Diana

  2. Happy Birthday Patty. I love the sign. It is such fun to have g.friends to help us enjoy our lives. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. i lovely lovely decor
    new post :

  4. Happy Belated birthday Patty. I LOVE that cute sunflower sign! Good luck a the market, I wish I lived close enough to attend but I'm hoping you'll do a post on it :)

  5. Happy colors! A spirit lifter. Blessings for you up and coming market!

  6. Love, love, love the sign!!
    xo Kris


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