hello friday


Isn't it amazing how wonderful that sounds?  How it rolls right off the tongue?

Hello Friday.

The weekend is in sight and so are all the possibilities.

I am planning on spending some time potting up some flowers and spreading mulch.  My husband has promised me a steak dinner after a quick trip to our local nursery.  Sounds just about perfect to me.

How about you?  What are your plans?

xo, Patty


  1. well since you asked ;-) , my plans are to be very busy!
    I own a balloon/and clown (for birthdays) company.
    I am blowing up 150 balloons to be delivered by 10 a.m. and face painting and making balloon animals for 2 parties in the afternoon and then blowing up balloons for delivery Sunday a.m. Teaching preschool during the week and being very busy with parties, my house is a wreck! So tonight? I clean! Can't wait! I want a clean house!!!

  2. That little painting looks great with the pitchers. Good job. Smiles, Susie

  3. Happy Friday to ya !
    Sounds like you have some great plans.

    Love that bee pitcher...it's darling!

    I'm headed back up the mountain to pick Spencer up for the weekend, and I'm thinking about cooking a turkey for Sunday and taking all the leftovers and freezing. Too exciting~~LOL!


  4. Oh that does sound perfect! We are having dinner with friend on Saturday night. I will be puttering in the garden on Saturday. Sunday is our oldest daughter's birthday. 31...oh my!!! Where oh where did all of the years go? We will be having dinner and dessert with her and her family.
    You have fun!!!

  5. I plan on cutting grass, cleaning the chicken coop, sanding drywall in the rental, sewing a banner, planting my veggie garden ...! What do you think my odds are of getting it all done? lol I'd rather be you this weekend! ~ Maureen

  6. Working on the shed my husband is building. I will be close by putzin in the yard in case he needs a hand. Steak dinner sounds perfect!

  7. It sounds like you have a perfect weekend planned! :) I am leaving for vacation and should be packing!


  8. I'll probably be spreading mulch as well.

  9. This weekend calls for traveling for a grandson's birthday. I was up early,making potato salad and baked beans for Sat. evening BBQ. Only need to pick up ice after work, throw everything in the vehicle and I'm off. Just a 3 hr drive and then lots of visiting! But my garden is calling, but it will have to wait. Grand kids come first!

  10. Friday is a great word . . . I wonder why that is. I like the day to last forever . . . More planting in my new cutting garden, spreading more mulch, avoiding the no.see.em bugs . . . and a glass of wine on the screened porch will be my weekend . . . Warm, sunny weather predicted!

  11. Oh I love a Friday - two days at home and no work. I have nothing planned as yet.
    You sound as if you are going to have a great weekend. Enjoy!!!

  12. A trip to the garden nursery would be fabulous. Sounds like fun. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Your weekend sounds perfect with the exception of the mulch...I will be mowing and going to a fair on Sat..Sun my sister will be bringing her dog so I can dog sit for a week..Hairy Lab but nice dog and my Shitzu enjoys the company.. Enjoy!!!

  14. I just love your mantel. That whole room is darling with all your sunny windows. I am stealing your radish in a jar idea as on of my pics today on the blog but with full credit of course. Have a great weekend. Quinn's party is today so I am looking forward to that. Let's go yardsaling one weekend.

  15. Not much going on here....I am moving things out of the yard and into the upstairs of the new garage...Mister has back and knee issues, so he is 'reclining'.
    Have a great weekend. I am going to check out that wonderful book, Comfort of Home!

  16. I've been working in the yard, blogging and reading. I love the retired life.

  17. Sounds like a fun relaxing weekend. Pretty pitcher-so cute. We are celebrating our 33rd Anniversary this weekend. That's what I'm up to. Happy weekend!

  18. Patty,
    I adore your "bee hive" pitcher! Anything with bees is difficult to find here on the Prairie! Steak dinner is onour menu tonight, also! Enjoy your time together!


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